King's Quest: Mask of Eternity

Posted by Lars Christensen.
First posted on 01 January 1999. Last updated on 08 August 2009.
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King's Quest has long stood as the best selling adventure game series of all time. Sold over 7 million copies, adventure fans are all too eager about the next installment of the series—King's Quest: Mask of Eternity. Roberta Williams, creator of the series, has spent over a year in sabbatical after finishing Phantasmagoria doing background research for this game. She is determined to bring…

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I'm afraid I don't agree with the glowing review on this site. Even for its time, I thought the game was poorly presented/illustrated. You can hardly make out the objects, such is the roughness of the rendering. I think the 3D attempt was too ambitious for the way the game was developed, I don't know. From the dreary opening scenes, and the barbaric style of game-play that would better suit a troglodyte than someone of the 20th or 21st century, I think this was a project better not attempted.

Australia By Wendy • On 06 December 2015 • From Australia


This is not a King's Quest game.

Brazil By Sérgio Barros • On 17 December 2009 • From Brazil


Everyone rating this game a 5 hates a true adventure game. This game was an awful attempt to fight DOOM back in the mid 90s. I loved King Quest and Roberta Williams should be ashamed of herself for giving into corporate pressures to make her beautiful series an action/adventure that didn't even include the royal family! The only thing worse than this piece of crap being called King's Quest is the garbage they called Police Quest SWAT. It was obvious that Sierra golden age was over when this came out.

United States By Strahd • On 26 April 2009 • From Reno USA


I remember when this game first came out, and it just blew me away. I loved the darker vision of the King's Quest world. Overall it was a very enjoyable experience. I wish there were more games like this now.

Australia By IC • On 25 August 2008 • From Sydney, Australia


A very great game for many "points of view", but not for all peoples. It is more complex that the forward KQ.

Canada By Gérard Guérin • On 16 May 2008 • From Chicoutimi


Jill - if you play the scene a few times with your weapon put away and the camera in 1st person view, eventually it will unstick itself. It's time consuming and annoying, but it seems to work. (I know it's been a long time since that post, but I just found out about this and thought I'd pass it on)

United States By Jen • On 24 November 2007 • From Somewhere


One of the worst, biggest disappointments ever and a sad ending for a great series. Take everything that made King's Quest great (plot, characters you care about, puzzles, multiple paths, adventuring) and throw them away and you get this game. This game shouldn't even qualify as King's Quest, or even an adventure game. It's a poor, empty hack and slash with slight adventure elements, and no story or characterization worth speaking of. What a letdown.

Avoid at all costs.

United States By AdventureGameFan • On 12 June 2007 • From California


Just saw the beginning and was DISSAPOINTED. game controls really sucks. screen is somewhere and character is elsewhere. story looks good but what use is that if game control are too complex to enjoy. I havent played it since then. was too busy with QFG 5. that one is an excellent game by the way.

India By Scott274 • On 21 May 2007 • From Somewhere


I agree with Biggles... I really enjoyed the departure from the other KQ titles, and even though some parts weren't challenging it was still fun to play.

United States By DoomMaster • On 27 April 2007 • From Somewhere


The game was unlike all the other KQ titles, and was really enjoyable, if not a bit bloody...

United States By Biggles • On 27 April 2007 • From Somewhere
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