Return to Zork

Posted by Ernest Petti.
First posted on 29 May 1998. Last updated on 11 August 2009.
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Return to Zork is the first game in the Zork series to be set entirely in a graphical world. As such the question that springs immediately to mind is whether or not the essence of the puzzles, dialogs, and humor that is characteristically Zorkian can survive the transfer to a graphical medium. Return to Zork succeeds as well as it can be expected from such a first attempt. While the game is not…

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Very Good

Are there any zorkie-musicology buffs out there? Here's some trivia about the background music:
The Forest of the Spirits theme is the Pavane by Gabriel Faure.
Inside Canuk's bottle is the Aquarium music from Saen-Saens' Carnival of the Animals.
The rest of the music I'm mentioning is merely variations of existing pieces:
FDC3 is inspired by The Sorcerer's Apprentice.
Snoot's trailer is inspired by Simple Gifts.
Moodock's theme is Barbara Allen in a minor key.
Pugney's ranch is inspired by Kissin's No Sin.
Ms Peepers 2nd visit is inspired by Inchworm from "Hans Christian Andersen".
The Guardian's theme is The Magnificent 7 in a minor key.
Waif 2nd visit is inspired by Castle in a Cloud from Les Mis.
These last 2 are in the floppy version only:
The puzzle puzzle is inspired by the Jeopardy theme.
Whispering Woods is inspired by Brahms' Lullaby.

United States By Stephen Einbinder • On 15 September 2016 • From Pembroke Pines

Very Good

Here's a cheat. Supposedly you must throw all of your inventory at the Citadel bridge to cross it. Actually, if you drop all but 8 items, you only need to throw those 8 items at the bridge, preferably objects you only used once and are now finished with, like the cooled hot wire or the fear necklace. So after you've raised the right bridge with those 8 items, you can pick up everything you dropped and still cross the bridge.

United States By Stephen Einbinder • On 15 September 2016 • From Pembroke Pines

Very Good

I know that puzzle you can get wrong at the game's beginning. I did the same, hit the dead end, despaired, and started over from scratch. Then, after finishing (cheating my way thru) RTZ, I experimented and discovered the way to recover from that mistake without restarting.

United States By Stephen Einbinder • On 22 July 2016 • From Pembroke Pines


Played it years ago on a new 386. Awesome.
Scrapped old 386 and etc
Now have a fast machine running vista
I can get it to (mostly) run using DOSBOX but no videos. I know there are some because I saw them years ago. I can't do the mine cart because I don't see where the right guys left it, right straight up!
So I am stuck.
How can I get those old video sequences back?

New Zealand (Aotearoa) By geo • On 28 October 2009 • From marton nz


best game ever

Australia By Shanerazor • On 30 September 2009 • From Sydney, Australia

@cynth Yes. You just need to download the newest build of ScummVM. It now supports the game.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 06 April 2009 • From Poland

Very Good

hi there. i have been after this game in years. i used 2 play this 4 hours. is there any chance it can be played on my windows vista????? can u let me know thanks. cynth

Great Britain (UK) By cynth • On 06 April 2009 • From hemel hempstead

Very Good

Have been given CD of this game as a Christmas present( i used to have it installed on my old windows 3.1 486 pc in 1994/1995). Unforunately I cannot get it to work on my Vista laptop. HELP!!

Great Britain (UK) By mike Johnston • On 11 January 2009 • From aberdeen


Susan: It can work on Mac OS X. Just download DOSBox for Mac OS X and run the game through it.

Oh, and just to be exact it was "Want some rye?" :)

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 21 October 2008 • From Poland


Wish it was written for Mac OS X. Loved the game. "Wanna drink? 'Course ya do!"

United States By Susan Matteson • On 21 October 2008 • From Dolores USA
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