In what ways is Adventure Classic Gaming different from other adventure gaming sites or webzines?

We primarily focus on "older" classic adventure games and interactive fiction, not necessarily the "newer" mixed genre titles. All contents on this site are contributed through an open source editorial policy. Our site is entirely non-commercial.

How do I join your team as an editor or a contributor to your site?

We are always seeking talented and enthusiastic gamers to be editors or contributors! You can apply to join us using the submission form.

What do you mean by "open source" in your editorial policy?

We mean that anyone is welcomed to contribute to the contents on our site. The word "source" refers to the source materials contributed by our users. The word "open" refers to our firm belief in the rights of free speech of our users in expressing their opinions on adventure gaming; our internal peer review process only verifies the accuracy of the contents posted on our site but does not censor the opinions expressed by our users.

What is your site policy on advertising and sponsorship?

We strictly forbid all forms of paid and non-paid advertisements as well as commercial sponsorships on our site.

How do I send you a preview or retail copy of a game to be featured on your site?

If you are a developer or publisher, please contact us for further instructions. Our internal peer review process evaluates all potential conflicts of interest and may decline your offer should any conflict be perceived. We maintain strict editorial independence and do not accept any content contribution from developers and publishers to our site. We do not keep or sell the games we receive as promotional products. All promotional products are to be returned to you once finished, providing that you pay for all shipping charges, otherwise they are destroyed.

If you are not a developer or publisher and want to donate a game which you own, please contact us so we may verify that such donation is legal and does not violate copyright laws.

Even if the offer is accepted, we cannot guarantee any publication on our site that may feature the offered products.

What kinds of adventure games and interactive fiction do you cover on your site?

We seek to cover all subgenres of adventure games and interactive fiction on all gaming platforms, both consoles and computers.

Why do you not cover the "newer" adventure games?

There are already many excellent online gaming resources that provide extensive coverage of these newer titles. We choose to focus on the "older" classic titles in which the online resources for these "forgotten" gems are scare, thereby creating a niche target audience for ourselves. On the other hand, we still cover newer titles which we consider to fit the classical definition of adventure games or interactive fiction.

How do you rate the games you review?

Our game scores are explained in our ratings system.

What is your editorial policy?

All articles must be submitted according to our authors' instructions.

What is your posting policy in the forums?

All forums are moderated. We reserve the right to modify or delete comments at our discretion without explicit permission of the authors.

Why am I not authorized to post comments on your site?

Use of a proxy server may result in authorization errors during posting. Posting of any hyperlink (URL) in the comments is not allowed. The comments must be longer than a single word.

Can you supply me a partial or full copy of the games featured on your site, especially of games that are no longer sold in retail?

No. We strictly uphold all copyrights and protection of intellectual properties in these games.

Can I reproduce any original material from your site for non-personal use?

You need to contact us for permission to repost original materials, such as articles, from our site. You cannot reproduce any material from our site in any format or medium without our explicit and written permission in advance. Any reproduction of our site's design, in part or in whole, is not permitted.

Can I link to your site or exchange links with your site?

You are free to link to any content on our site if the link is to the "entire" article. In-line linking or hot-linking of materials (especially images) on our site is strictly prohibited.

What is your privacy policy?

Only identifiable information that you have voluntarily submitted is collected and used by this site. By visiting this site, you consent to the collection and use of this information. Data derived through aggregated tracking are also gathered by this site for administrative uses. This site does not knowingly request identifiable information from "minors" without parental consent. This site will not divulge directly any data about you to a third party, except to comply with applicable law or valid legal process or to protect the personal safety of the users or the public.

Can I get a copy of the propriety back-end scripts you use for your content management system for this site?


What does your site logo symbolize?

Our logo is made up of a jigsaw tile, a skeleton key, and a stack of alphabet blocks. The jigsaw tile symbolizes the puzzle, the skeleton key symbolizes the quest, and the stack of alphabet blocks symbolizes the narrative. Together, these elements uniquely symbolize the adventure game genre.

What is the history and origin of Adventure Classic Gaming?

The origin of this site dates back to April 1996. The founder of the site is Philip Jong. The website has undergone many changes over the years. A brief time line of its history is as follows:

April 1996 - July 1997—An amateurish web page titled "PJ's Page of PC CD-ROM EPIC Games" was posted. It was renamed to "PJ's Guide to PC Multi-CD EPIC Games", "PJ's World of PC CD EPIC Games", "PJ's World of PC CD EPIC Adventure Games", "PJ's REVIEW of PC CD EPIC Adventure Computer Games", and finally "Internet PC CD Epic Adventure Computer Game Review". The site was a personal game fan site.

August 1997 - September 1998—The site was relaunched as "Computer Adventure Game Series Meta-Review", which later was renamed to "Computer Adventure Game Anthology Meta-Review" with a forgettable acronym CAGA-MR. The site began to invite external writers to contribute articles.

October 1998 - June 1999—The site was again relaunched as "Adventure Review". It spotted a more professional look. The number of external contributors to the site rose steadily.

July 1999 - Dec 2005—"Adventure Collective" was launched, with its own domain name ( for the first time. The site focused solely on adventure game and interaction fiction titles that thematically belonged together as series or anthologies. The site underwent a design face lift in September 1999. It competed well against the other adventure gaming sites, drawing in a steady fan base. The number of external contributors rose to 87. It had the longest run to date.

In January 2006, the site is relaunched with both a new domain and brand name "Adventure Classic Gaming". It also marks a shift in focus to primarily cover classic adventure games and interactive fiction games. A robust content management system popular in blogging has replaced the antiquated website creation tool previously used. This upgrade allows for easier and more flexible content postings and site updates. The site also has its own RSS feed. All the data, including all previously posted articles, have been manually transferred over from the old site.

Is this gaming site's founder Philip Jong the same person as a doctor (physician) with the same name from Canada?

Good question! What do you think?