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We have been online for 15+ years.

Our team includes 140+ contributors from 25+ countries.

Our readership spans North America (40%+), Europe (35%+), Australia (10%+), Asia (5%+), South America (5%+), and elsewhere worldwide.

We have been quoted by major game developers, publishers, and industry media in news stories, press excerpts, trailers, and advertisements (including retail box cover art).

Adventure Classic Gaming

Adventure Classic Gaming (adventureclassicgaming.com) is the premiere website dedicated to classic and retro adventure gaming. We seek to be a comprehensive online resource on classic adventure games and interactive fiction. Our site covers all gaming platforms, both computers and consoles. We cover games by both independent and commercial developers. Our dedicated team of writers regularly contribute original contents to this site—comprehensive reviews of games, exclusive interviews of developers and publishers, in-depth features on adventure gaming, useful game cheats, and even previews of games that are destined to be "instant" classics.

Our target audience is any gamer of the adventure or interactive fiction genre. Our staff includes new and long-time gamers, both casual and expert. Their opinions reflect what truly matters to anyone playing adventure games and interactive fiction. Our content is continuously updated, so our users are always staying well informed.

Adventure Classic Gaming differs from other adventure gaming sites and webzines on the internet in several ways:

Our primary focus is on classic adventure games and interactive fiction from the past golden age of adventure gaming.

Our site is entirely non-commercial and our staff abides to a strict code of editorial ethics, thus we can offer the best unbiased information on adventure gaming.

Our editorial policy is open source, so that anyone can contribute to the content of this site. Our internal peer review process ensures that the posted information is current, accurate, and in-depth.

Further information about this site can be found in our Help!

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