Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Posted by Peter Lamberton.
First posted on 01 August 1998. Last updated on 05 June 2011.
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What makes a computer game a classic? To me, it must be a game that stands the test of time and technology. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is such a game. Although the game is released back in 1992, it is still regarded by many critics as among the best adventure games ever made. This game is made at a time before the graphics revolution overtakes the world of PC gaming by storm. As…

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@Emily Carhart - it's actually on Steam as a download for Mac and PC for $5 - or as part of the Lucasarts bundle there for $10.

There's some confusion as to whether the version Steam offers is the "talkie" version or not.

United States By Jenny Rouse • On 06 September 2012 • From United States


Where can I find this game for new compuers?! I used to have the old CD for my old Mac, but I lost it!! I've recently gotten a newer hp laptop, and have been desperately searching for the game... Can Someone Help?!

United States By Emily Carhart • On 05 September 2012 • From Guilderland, NEW YORK


It was wonderful. It kept my interest from start to finish. I couldn 't wait to play it when I got home from work. The graphics may be better in newer games, but you can't beat the story in Fate of Atlantis. It was the best by far, of the Indiana Jones series of PC games. They don't make many PC games like that any more.

Canada By Karen • On 01 April 2011 • From toronto canada


Great game. The speeches are great and all the puzzles. One of the best!!

France By Fredrik • On 04 October 2010 • From SWEDEN


i loved this game.

Indonesia By winoto • On 25 June 2008 • From jakarta


My favourite adventure game of all time.

Portugal By newsblade • On 08 June 2008 • From Somewhere

Very Good

Mircea, yous hould download scumm 0.9 on your comp, and play the game through that. Then the voices might be heard and it would allow you to play on subtitles.
I got the game when i downloaded a full lucasarts collection pack in the net. Great game but quite easy and trivial.

Finland By Og • On 16 July 2007 • From hki fin


I like the game, but I could only play a demo. I downloaded a full talkie version but characters won't talk. That is not such a big problem, but subtitles aren't shown either.

Romania By Mircea Crisan • On 12 July 2007 • From Turda, Romania


send me

Europe By antonio • On 01 June 2007 • From Slovakia


The best game I've ever played!

Portugal By Jorge Pinto • On 07 May 2007 • From Porto, Portugal
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