Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Posted by Peter Lamberton.
First posted on 01 August 1998. Last updated on 05 June 2011.
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What makes a computer game a classic? To me, it must be a game that stands the test of time and technology. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is such a game. Although the game is released back in 1992, it is still regarded by many critics as among the best adventure games ever made. This game is made at a time before the graphics revolution overtakes the world of PC gaming by storm. As…

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Oh boy, what makes a game a classic? Well here's another question that shifts from person to person so I'll try and look at what we all crave in a general sort of way:

A classic game is a game which we know without a doubt we'll play over again, which we'll store and show our kids. A classic game is a game worth a sequal or a series or tons and tons of fanfiction. A classic game has memorable characters and as you rightfully observed, ahead of its time with the right technology.

A classic game can make you cry, can actually make you angry (not at the game, but at the story (injustice, etc.). I believe like a story, if the message and emotion is conveyed across to you the player, it is a masterful game worth playing.

For example, I'll always come back and play Super Mario 64. This has the most creative and beautiful look, much ahead of its time and would be in a league of its own if it weren't for Sonic the Hedgehog and Zelda to name a few. This shows even today insane and killer graphics are not the only thing to win an audiance. I believe someone mentioned in the article 'Peering into the dark crystal' that a great game surpasses the test of time.

You can draw out your own opinion from here, but this is what I believe makes a classic. Of course please note, a classic is not perfect. Many classics were considered (and not just video games) outrageously appalling. One reason for this thinking is because, like you said, it surpasses its age into a future time. It's a new idea.

People for forever have been afraid to venture out into the unknown, they fear change, and its that same fear that dubs any new ideas unworthy to see the face of light. We need creativity, and what a classic suceeds where other products are duds is this: They do not look over their shoulders to see what others are doing, yes they have their insperation but it's combinded with their own and their own philosophy, and also the characters are excersized to their most powerful limit and potential.

Diamonds in the rough are hard to find, but I believe there's always some guy or group of guys/girls out there willing to give the time and effort. It doesn't take a genius to figure that out, or do any of it for that matter. :)

- Julian

Thailand By Julian • On 22 December 2006 • From Pattaya, Thailand


I'm an idiot. I used the walkthru so many times. Somebody shoot me. I'll never get it back.

Finland By Leila • On 22 December 2006 • From Rovaniemi, Suomi


best game ive ever played

Great Britain (UK) By nicole • On 06 September 2006 • From england


i toptally agree, im still looking for the full speech version of the game. I think ill buy it somewhere on the internet for this holiday i cant wait

Netherlands By Benjamin • On 24 June 2006 • From Rotterdam, Holland


I've played it several times and plan on playing it several times more...a game that immerses me enough to make me feel I am actually Indy (suspending reality a little). A game you dont forget...I consider the Cd as a valuable piece of property. One of the best !!

United States By Carl E. Johnson, Jr. • On 10 April 2006 • From Somewhere


This is one of those games you play and never forget.It's simply a classic game from the golden age of adventure and the best Indiana Jones game ever made.Hal Barwood and the rest of the LucasArts team should be very proud of their work.CONGRATULATIONS!

Romania By Muresan Catalin • On 07 April 2006 • From Aiud,Romania


One of the best, if not the best, adventures ever made...still playable today:))

Slovenia By Matija Trost • On 23 February 2006 • From Ljubljana, Slovenija, Europe

Hi, I'm Michael from the AmberfishArts team. For years we have been working on the inofficial sequel to Fate of Atlantis. Please see for details. I was wondering if you could add a link (or even small tex/imaget) about our fanproject? It's great to see there are still fans of FOA out there. Thanks, Michael.

Germany By Michael Z • On 22 August 2004 • From Frankfurt/Germany

i would like to know if it is possible to buy indiana jones and the fate of atlantis the full cd rom version with sound and speech... you know everything. i woul like to know if theres a version on cd rom of indiana jones an the last crusade.

Portugal By ze luis • On 24 April 2004 • From portugal

I was 12 when I first played Indy's FOA...
I was AMAZED by it......
I'm STILL in Perfect Ecstacy with It although I
finished it 7 years ago!
Gonna Get Even Closer to Dementia with Indy!!!
Wanna thank everybody who made this
Perfect Real-Movie Story Adventure called
Still Remarkable...
Still Impossible...
Come on guys...bring out another one like this...

Johnny Morris - Greece/Athens 10-4-03

...Monkey Island Series - Excellent
...Full Throttle - Adventure Damnation
...Star Wars - Dark Forces - Fascinating...


Greece By Johnny Morris • On 10 April 2003 • From Somewhere
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