Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Posted by Peter Lamberton.
First posted on 01 August 1998. Last updated on 05 June 2011.
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What makes a computer game a classic? To me, it must be a game that stands the test of time and technology. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is such a game. Although the game is released back in 1992, it is still regarded by many critics as among the best adventure games ever made. This game is made at a time before the graphics revolution overtakes the world of PC gaming by storm. As…

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Previous Comments

imi place tot ce este legat de indiana jones! imi plac fffoarte mult jocurile, sunt inebunit dupa ele, in rest ce sa mai spun , tineti-o tot asa ca sunteti cei mai tari!!!

Romania By Czimmerman Eduard • On 07 April 2003 • From tg mures, romania

i would like to know where can i get indiana jones: the fate of atlantis or a demo


By David • On 09 December 2002 • From Colombia

I've owned FoA for almost my whole life and I'm still hooked on it! I do agree with everything you've said!

By Sari Deseret • On 28 May 2002 • From U.S.A.

Indy in FoA is the best game I ever played! The graphics are, for the time it was made, great, the story is also great! The difficulty is just a bit too hard to me, but maybe that's why I love this game so much.

By Igor • On 16 March 2002 • From Zagreb/Croatia

Can you make a stratigy guide for Indiana Jones. For gameboy color

By Cody • On 19 February 2002 • From Somewhere

I love the site.Thanx for the cheatsI'm a big Indy fan.

See ya
Chad Elkins P.S. E-mail me

By Chad • On 08 February 2002 • From Wurtland

Great page!
But can any of you indy gamers solve my problem.
I'm on level 15 were you walk through the round entrance turnaround and then climb down the ladder. Then i presume you are to go through the entrance in front of you.
But I can't its not very high and I should just be able to climb in but can't. Iv'e been stuck here for 4 weeks now. I've tried everything, but no indy site has the answer yet.I had one suggestion that the to reload the game did that worked my way back up to level 15 still can't go through into the next chamber.

Can you Help Me!!!


By Daz • On 20 January 2002 • From England

Can you tell me where through the net can I get Indiana Jone and the Fate of Atlantis?

By Glascott Symes • On 30 December 2001 • From Dublin, Ireland

I love Indy and i really enjoyed when playing the game,... welldone people!

By Sumajaya • On 18 October 2001 • From Brunei Darussalam

Ol?falo portugu

By Rafael Manfredo Volpate • On 24 August 2001 • From Somewhere
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