Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Posted by Peter Lamberton.
First posted on 01 August 1998. Last updated on 05 June 2011.
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What makes a computer game a classic? To me, it must be a game that stands the test of time and technology. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is such a game. Although the game is released back in 1992, it is still regarded by many critics as among the best adventure games ever made. This game is made at a time before the graphics revolution overtakes the world of PC gaming by storm. As…

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Previous Comments

That is a nicce side, but can anybody describe me here how I can make a Desktop-Picture?
Indy Jan

By Indiana Jan • On 08 April 2001 • From Somewhere

how can I find "Indiana Jones and fate of atlantis"? I heart a lot about the game but I can not have it. Please help me about this game.

By Engin • On 06 March 2001 • From Turkey

FoA was originally released on 1992, not 1991. The game was way better then the quest/adventure games at the time of release - far better than the sierra games pouring at the time...

By Yehuda • On 12 February 2001 • From Israel

I have a question abaut "indiana jones and his deskpot adventures" how i croos the riber to get the panter. and were can i download the demo of "indiana jones and the fate of Atlantis"

By Ignacio • On 22 October 2000 • From chile

I think Fate of atlantis is the best game i have played before

By Ben Buttery • On 28 August 2000 • From England Devon

I own the game "Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis". Your review rates the puzzles difficulty "2", this is way off. Indiana Jones should be "3" or "4", but not "2".

Just wanted to say that,


By Yugiolo • On 21 July 2000 • From Baltimore MD.

I would like to ask: where can I get "Fate Of Atlantis" in the adventure version???

By Claus Staal • On 05 June 2000 • From Denmark

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is still one of the best adventure games ever released for the PC. It has a great storyline and brilliant dialogue and banter between the characters while keeping within the context of the films. Everyone should have this game in their collection

By David Howell • On 13 April 2000 • From Somewhere

Why do some people think older games such as Indiana Jones Fate of Atlantis and others lack in looks compared to todays games. My personal opinion, I think those old graphics are awesome. Many of today's games have characters that look like blocks with arms and legs.

By CJ Yujuico • On 12 April 2000 • From Long Beach, CA, USA

I have been given Indiana Jones-Fate of Atlantis, unfortunately my granddaughter dropped the book in the dogs drinking water, upon which the dog and her had a fight. I can't get past where you put the code in for sun moon and volcano as I no longer have the book, consequently I can't play it.Help!!!!!!!

By Sandra • On 10 April 2000 • From Australia
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