Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 06 November 1999. Last updated on 21 November 2014.
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After 350 mysteries bearing her name spanning more than 70 years, our favorite teenager sleuth Nancy Drew finally takes her leap onto the computer screen in the form of an adventure game, appropriately titled Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. This title is the first of a planned interactive mystery trilogy from Her Interactive. Recalling the less than stellar track record in the sales of previous…

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Hi can you help me?

United States By Nancy Drew jr • On 31 March 2003 • From Miami florida

It was a very strange and kinda boring. The gameplay was very simple, there weren't any puzzels. It was kinda weird that the culprit was someone u never even saw!! But I guess sence it was the first of the Nancy Drew games it was okay.

United States By None of ur beezwax • On 21 March 2003 • From U think Im stupid enough to tell u that?????!??!

Very Good

This was a good game, it was the first Nancy Drew game I played so I liked it I give it 4 stars (5 being the highest)

United States By Bubbles Underthsea • On 18 March 2003 • From Somewhere

i found this site great.

United States By angela • On 07 March 2003 • From piqua ohio


United States By Savannah • On 02 March 2003 • From PANAMA CITY, FL.

I would like to say I agree with you but that it is for ages 10 and up.That is all.

United States By Russell Warren • On 23 February 2003 • From Barrington,Rhode Island U.S.A.

put walkthrough for nancy drew secrets can kill and nancy drew stay tuned for danger

By Anonymous • On 27 January 2003 • From Somewhere

Very good site. I did notice on the Nancy Drew, Secrets can Kill, you have the walkthrew for Nancy Drew, Stay tuned for Danger.

By Ray • On 15 September 2002 • From Victoville, Ca. USA

My daughter just turned ten and we started the Nancy Drew games at Christmas. We play them together and we can't wait until it is time to play. We both love mysteries and the products for young girls is sadly lacking. We are disappointed that there are only five of these games, because this (though the first one) our only one left.

By Holly • On 07 August 2002 • From Bethel Park, USA

Dear Carolyn Keene
I enjoy reading your books. They are so good, how do you come up with the storys?

By Nicole • On 04 May 2002 • From Dale city
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