Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 06 November 1999. Last updated on 21 November 2014.
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After 350 mysteries bearing her name spanning more than 70 years, our favorite teenager sleuth Nancy Drew finally takes her leap onto the computer screen in the form of an adventure game, appropriately titled Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. This title is the first of a planned interactive mystery trilogy from Her Interactive. Recalling the less than stellar track record in the sales of previous…

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United States By heile cary • On 24 February 2004 • From raleigh

Ok I need major Help with this game! I have gotten to the part where I am under the elevator and open some sercret.. layer and there are these bars.. I can not understand what this is b/c I only have about 1min to study it and If I take longer I get killed but the elevator coming down... Any clues?

United States By Sara • On 15 December 2003 • From Somewhere

I am stuck at where you turn the dogs in different directions. I have been going at it for days now. I desperately need some help. Thank you.

United States By Michelle Laycock • On 27 November 2003 • From Racine USA

I've solved secrets can kill, stay tuned for danger, the final scene, the hauted carousel, and I'm working on Danger of deception island.

United States By Darcy • On 26 November 2003 • From France

i need to know how to put out the shed fire once nancy has escaped from the shed. i have tried everything. all the tips from hersinteractive, and linda shaws.. i read another walkthrough by another author, but before i could get one page written out or printed, i lost connection and never found the place again. I would like another view as to how to solve ghost dogs, other than, Linda Shaws. Can you help?

United States By starlight1911 • On 07 June 2003 • From Trinty, USA

I can not play the piano, I've tried everything, Ihave the notes ,but don't know which keys to play in the correct order.

United States By ALEXIS • On 05 June 2003 • From Absecon, Atlantic Co.

I am having trouble loading both titles. I have gotten to the InstallWizard Shield at 100% complete, and a dark gray box with nothing else to prompt me further to play. I have and HP 6835 with 800MHZ Celeron, 30GB Hard drive and 24X CD-ROM. I would like any help to this problem. I have bought these titles through Scholastic and the school year is endingas my chances are to return these if necessary. I've been extremely excited to share Nancy Drew with my girls as to the fact that I grew up reading most of her books and enjoy reading to both my daughters.

United States By Desiree Cabell • On 21 May 2003 • From Ballwin,USA

i think that this walkthrough was very good

United States By amanda • On 06 May 2003 • From Somewhere

This was a great game.

United States By Lerussia Coleman • On 15 April 2003 • From Albany,GA

Treasure in the Royal Tower is a fun filled game with adventure and mystery. Allthough I have only played about a fraction of the games put out I still love the Treasure in the Royal Tower because every second is filled with so much suspence. If you are practicly pulling your hair out deciding which Nancy Drew game to play then choose Treasure in the Royal Tower. (only if you are not planning on playing the games in order.

United States By Sammi • On 14 April 2003 • From Columbus,Ohio in the united states of America
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