Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 06 November 1999. Last updated on 21 November 2014.
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After 350 mysteries bearing her name spanning more than 70 years, our favorite teenager sleuth Nancy Drew finally takes her leap onto the computer screen in the form of an adventure game, appropriately titled Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. This title is the first of a planned interactive mystery trilogy from Her Interactive. Recalling the less than stellar track record in the sales of previous…

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Previous Comments

I have just started playing the Nacey Drew game MESSEGE IN A HAUNTED MANSION me and my friends are stuck right now about the chinese symbols you need to open the safe. we need the symbols for the words child and fire if you can help me with this then please email me.

Thank you very much,


By Samantha • On 21 March 2002 • From Canada

I recently bought my second Nancy Drew computer game SECRETS CAN KILL. I'm having trouble w/ it already it seems that everytime I try to put up an object in Maxine's diner (in the kitchen) after I pick it up I automatically find myself outside the diner & then I find out that not only can't I get back in the diner but the cursor stops working & my computer sort of freezes up.
My other problem is that I'm having trouble getting around to places such as the library or other rooms. I was hoping you could help me out.

By Joy Jackson • On 26 December 2001 • From Cut Off, LA

I click on secrets can kill walkthrough and it comes up stay tuned for danger.I am an old man trying to play this game,but i need help.(SECRETS CAN KILL)Please help.Thank you

By LeRoy Curran • On 18 June 2001 • From Largo,Fla.

I would like soms info for secrets can
kill. What do I have to ask Daryl before
he will give me the note I have played the game many many times

By Jim Mc Guire • On 07 February 2001 • From Canada
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