Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 06 November 1999. Last updated on 21 November 2014.
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After 350 mysteries bearing her name spanning more than 70 years, our favorite teenager sleuth Nancy Drew finally takes her leap onto the computer screen in the form of an adventure game, appropriately titled Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. This title is the first of a planned interactive mystery trilogy from Her Interactive. Recalling the less than stellar track record in the sales of previous…

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Previous Comments

Very Good

I think that this game although it has bad graphics is really good. I have played most all of the other ones (as well as this one) and I can say that they are really good too but this one considering that it was the first one made is also really really goo, I think that if it werent for the graphics it would be one of the best!

Switzerland By Lina • On 24 March 2006 • From Switzerland

I'm stuck and can't find anything else to do

United States By Amy Stookey • On 22 June 2005 • From Somewhere

is there a easy way to sort the roman numerals

United States By amber • On 23 March 2005 • From oakdale

Can't find the tiles in the kitchen that rose wants me to figure out

Canada By Lizard • On 27 February 2005 • From NS, Canada

I have been reading about these and they look a brillant game set in depth, I would reccommend them for anyboby over the age of 10 that interested in mysteries, I am serously considering buying it right now.

Great Britain (UK) By Jenny hanna • On 10 August 2004 • From Belfast/ Northern Ireland

This Game is really wierd

United States By Seandito • On 16 July 2004 • From Fresno

i love it. i love herinteractive and please do make more nancy drew mystery games like these!! this one is exciting and very adventurous!!

United States By lan linh • On 06 May 2004 • From san francisco,ca

walk through needed.

United States By Devon • On 08 April 2004 • From LV Nevada

I think this game is great as a first. The other games to come after it are better in graphics, story lines, and puzzles, but it is not fair to judge this game to them. I think as a first, that it was well made and follows the story well (have read the actual story) and uses lots of real motives and plans as the real book.

United States By Elizabeth Lee • On 06 April 2004 • From Oregon, U.S.A

can anyone help me fiind cheats for this game

United States By kate • On 02 March 2004 • From Somewhere
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