Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 06 November 1999. Last updated on 21 November 2014.
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After 350 mysteries bearing her name spanning more than 70 years, our favorite teenager sleuth Nancy Drew finally takes her leap onto the computer screen in the form of an adventure game, appropriately titled Nancy Drew: Secrets Can Kill. This title is the first of a planned interactive mystery trilogy from Her Interactive. Recalling the less than stellar track record in the sales of previous…

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I love this game! It is coming out again this summer for the 80th anniversary of Nancy Drew. The graphics are more up to date, there are new puzzles, but the game is still the same! I can't wait! :-) <3

United States By Alanna Titanica AKA TitanicFanNumberOne. • On 13 May 2010 • From Ottawa, Canada.


I really don't know what to rate this because I can NOT download it!It is really frustrating!Gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh How do you download it?

United States By punky • On 18 March 2010 • From oregon


I'm a Nancy Drew fan all right, but this was nowhere near the level of other games I've played. The Fashion Fantasy Game was much better because at least it had educational value. Also, the Sims and Spore were better because they too had something to teach me. This game, Secrets Can Kill, was just plain garbage. I hope the programmer or whatever learns to make a game that actually teaches something.

United States By Bear • On 19 May 2009 • From Montana


I think all Nancy Drew games are awsome to play they really challenge the mind. I also limke them because they give my mind more things to be intertained by. Sweet games!!!

United States By Rachel • On 30 March 2008 • From U.S.A

Very Good

i liked this game verry much

United States By vicki • On 21 March 2008 • From oklahoma

can't download the game on my comp.!

United States By Hannah • On 10 February 2008 • From Hartford Wisconsin North America


i love the game but i have the same problem as priscilla, what bugs me is that i cant download which means i have to start again, anyone know what the response im looking for is?

Australia By caitlin • On 30 October 2007 • From melbourne

Very Good

Priscilla- there is a glitch in the game where if you chose a certain response you get stuck and can't get any further. There is a saved game you can download somewhere on the internet, just not sure where.

United States By Val • On 15 August 2006 • From USA

Very Good

i wish installation was only involved with 1 disk

United States By lauren • On 04 August 2006 • From IL USA


I looked up a walkthrough for this game and it says that after I talk to the students, Daryl will give me a note, I have tried everything and don't get a note. I am completely stuck in this game. Somebody help me!

United States By Priscilla • On 01 August 2006 • From branchville, usa
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