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Spoiler alert! The following cheat contains spoilers in the form of hints, walkthroughs, guides, or solutions to the game. Viewer discretion is advised.

Jody and Lily (the twins) – Greed

The game begins with a conversation between god and the devil about the souls of the people who lived in the park.

Your objective is to know those people and help them decide on whether they should go to heaven or to hell.

You have 3 paths. Move forward to the round house (the only place where you can enter) - this is the house of 2 Siamese twins: pick up a strainer by the sink to find out that they are cheap, open the door under the sink to be sure about that, turn around and open the oven (with the shovel pick up some ashes, use the strainer to clear the ashes - you can find a key and a tooth - you really have to shake the strainer), look at the black board to discover that the twins loaned money to lots of people (Tod, Gisele, Huxley) and that Hannibal is a "special case", open the drawer underneath it and learn they are having a course with Nathaniel and look Hannibal's file - he owes them so much they want him to marry them because of his debts.

Moving forward, you have a mirror (and a gentle word for Mephistoto); by the bed you can see 2 photos of the same man and by looking at them you can hear differences between the sisters (one is romantic and the other more decided), looking at the bed you can hear them and once again confirm the previous (Jody is cooler, Lily is softer). Looking at the record player you can hear how Mephistoto entered their dreams and made an offer to both - one accepted and the other refused. Look at the brush on the table and get some idea of their competition... on to the bathroom you can open the toilet and find a knife that "tells" you that one of them tried to murder the other. The sink has 2 faucets, only one works. Touching the lamp you can see another man in debt.

Back to the room, on the bottom of the bed there is a drawer with a key in it - perfect for the closet that needs both keys. Open the closet and pull the clothes to the left uncovering a safe - when you open it the twins say something about the total of their fortune: sum up the figures in the black board plus the amount from Hannibal and you will get 512. Jody killed her sister and hided her skull.

Enter the train and go always right, you will end up with a bunch of skeletons. Look at the paper the skull on the right has in its mouth and you will find out that Jody signed a pact with Mephisto. You will be taken by boat to a landscape and you will hear a conversation about the importance of balance in everything. Follow the path, enter the gazebo and sit on the bench - move around until you see a piece of paper, so now you know who built the gazebo. When facing the exit and sitting on the bench you can see a small block in the floor, push it and turn around to pull the piece of paper in the column.

The twins are over with - you have the pact that Jody signed with Mephisto, the evidence resumes to a lottery ticket and their history clears Lily's guilt on the matter. On to the next one.

Nathaniel – Knowledge

You are near a house and all you can do is follow the path up to the well. There move the handle just to hear the bucket bumping down inside the well. Move on to the woods, on the first stop there is a rock on your left, move it to reveal a closed trapdoor, look up to the tree behind you and you will find a strange sign an a small kind of hook, move on 3 times to the entrance of the house (one more step will reveal a device in which lacks a handle). Enter the house, the door on the ground floor takes you to Nathaniel's room.

Open the closet, the first door has nothing in it, the second door reveals some clothes – find a postcard of Omaha Beach, turn it around and take note of the formula A=0, third door has a label you cannot read.

There is some kind of radio by the bed, apparently missing some parts too, the 4 faces on the bed have counters for degrees and minutes – map locations. The stained glass window has a blurred map with 2 coordinates (-00'45 and 50'23). Moving on there is a hole in the wall with what seems to be a red button – it is actually a cork and retrieving it will put a red spot in the globe. Look at the globe and you will see 3 wheels.

Leaving the bedroom you can try the second door on the ground floor just to hear Theodore made a special kitchen for Nathaniel which is closed for you.

Upstairs on the right there is a bathroom with nothing in it – except maybe the notion that space in the upper floor is mainly occupied by a round inside room. Upstairs on the right there is an office with lots to explore. You can see the diploma and learn that Nathaniel had a degree in Math and went to the park sent by the secret services. The second painting says something about an acquaintance. You can look at the fireplace to see a piece of paper from the London Controlling. Turn and look at the scratch marks on the couch – something has upset Mephisto. Moving ahead you can examine the bookshelves, under the section Faust there is a book – Goethe's Faust – look at it (so Faust was looking for the secret of life and death). Under the section “History" you can find a book about World War II, look at it and read about the landing in Normandy and the fake plan to land in Pas-de-Calais. Under the section “Kryptology and Coding" you can find 2 books – Code and in it there is a key and Math (this second book only serves to call your attention to the first one). By the way, if you get stuck with a code book on your hand, stop turning and click on the glasses below the book.

The cabinet has 2 figures, one of them without the head. Use the key to open the cabinet and pick up the piece of stained glass – that is, in fact, a geological map. The first drawer has a ring, pick it up; the second drawer has the contract between Theo and Nathaniel, look at it; third drawer has a magnifying glass. Forth drawer has a paper knife and the last one has a fake ending (it only opens half way). Open the right and left lower drawers without closing them until they both open completely – get the head and use it on the statue. Get the 3 tapes and use each one on the recorder – the first tape has a prevision about the twins aggressive behaviour and sad ending, the second and third tapes have just music. In the middle of the drawers there is a kind of book but you cannot pick it up.

Look at the desk and you will see Mephisto in large gestures... Open the desk drawer and pick up some matches and a pipe. Walk to the curtains, there is nothing to see and return to the bedroom downstairs.

Use the magnifying glass on the label and you will find instructions to unseal something with the knife. Open the door with the stained glass and use the geological map on the wall behind it, close the door and look at the map – you have the coordinates you need to use on the bed poles. Facing the bed put the 50 on the first one up left side, the 20 on the right side, the 0 down left and the 45 down right. Adjust this last one until the bed drawer opens. (Use the first numbers clockwise).

Look to the book, inside the bed drawer, and use the ring to open it. Look again, pick up the code wheel and use these sequence of colors: Purple, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. You have seen this sequence in the tapestry behind the globe and you can use it by putting the right colour pushed to the right. Pick up the envelope and now you know where to use the instructions you have seen before. Put the knife underneath the seal, push it all the way to the other side and then bring it down in your direction – this was just a training for the real ones to come... so cute!

Now to the globe – look code wheel and align it (if A=0 then OMAHA would be 79030), use 79030 in the last line of the globe. Adjust the numbers until the globe opens. Inside there is a scarf and an envelope – pick them up and find out he left a woman in his past, probably in German hands. Now the envelope, careful cause this one seems to be the real thing, repeat the unsealing of the envelope with the knife beneath it to read the letter in which Nathaniel refuses to participate in governmental organisations and explains why he is going to the park. After that you can hear the conversation between Mephisto and Nathaniel to ensure Nathaniel refused the devil's offer of knowledge and immortality.

You appear behind the curtain upstairs in front of some more bookshelves. There is nothing special there. Reopen the side door of the cabinet with the statue and read the note about fire and ashes. Go up to the fireplace, pick up shovel and use bellows. Look box and read note about a frog in the well (not quite clear for now) and pick up the handle.

Walk outside and use the handle on the well's wheel. Look at the frog and pick up the stone in his mouth – it will go directly to your box. Look inside the bucket and pick up note – something weird about below and above. Walk to the trapdoor in the woods and use shovel to open trapdoor – pick up stone, monocular and the note (once again something to guide you to the tree and to a sap). Turn around, look up the tree and use monocular in hook – look into it and follow the steps, grab another stone, another handle and another note (very clear! Water, air and earth – guiding you to the mill in the house and with a reference to 7 after black).

Go to the house and use red handle on the device in the wall. Move handle and look at the seventh basket after the one with a black strip – pick up the stone, the key and read the note (now you are guided to the tapestry in the room and you need light on it). Enter the house and the bedroom, use the key in the device by the bed and pull the handle (there will be a light reflected into the stained glass, look inside the bed drawer and pick up pyramid, use pyramid in the door behind you, follow the light to the tapestry and pick up the piece on the end of the light and the note that sends you to the interior of the earth to find a tomb, open globe and pick up another piece for the box and another puzzling note (something about a shoe and a stone). Go back to the office, reopen the desk drawers and pick up tape and stones – listen to tape (you have a message from Nathaniel that was expecting you and will give you an assistant if you follow his leads). Reopen Faust book and the hunting may begin, by now you will have almost every element you need. Go to the bedroom and open the second closet door, pick up the new shoes in there and move the heel – now you have everything you need and Nathaniel is waiting for you in the kitchen. Go to the kitchen, look inside the closet doors, open the third closet door and pick up the 3 packages of salt, look at the counter and you will see your elements gathering in an alchemy formula that will produce your new assistant.

You are out in the park, use the little Homunculus in the flashing light and hear Theo telling the story about the creation of Dreamland. Grab the map from the box and here ends another chapter – Nathaniel refused the pact with Mephisto and the map of the park becomes another evidence.

Frank (the painter) – Sex

Great view and an even better house... climb down to enter the painter's house, go to the right and push button in the mirror twice and pick up the wig. Look prize in the wall and move to the table under the stairs. Look table and push button on your lower left – you have a strong light.

Move on and look at his parent's photo to hear their notion of a job (far distant from painting), look at sketches above the working table to hear some women who seem everything but in love. Open box on the table and read article (a very bad review), pick up compass needle and thin pencil from the cup near the box. You can open the small closet's door just to see some flasks.

On the wall there are some buttons but you cannot accomplish a thing buy pushing them. Move on and try to open clock, go downstairs. Use the thin pencil on the nipple of the women in the painting in front of the stairs to reveal a room.

Look at the compass and use needle on it, the bed is turned to Northwest. Look at the wheel on the left to see a woman scaring the hell out of Frank.

Look at the chair and hear Frank complaining about a woman who was 10 years late and he was still waiting, look at the bottle to hear about his problems with women. Enter the bathroom and look in the closets, no help there. Move to the bed and walk into it. Look at the books on both sides of the bed to hear what Frank felt about Casanova and Don Juan, apparently his heroes. Use wig in small dummy and pick up little key. Press the bellies of 7 mermaids (starting with the mermaid closer to the dummy) and watch the bed ceiling go down.

Walk out of the bed and use the green key on the bed top to see Mephisto making his offer to Frank.

Back to the house and to the bedroom, look at the chair and the bottle again to hear that the woman Frank was waiting for is not coming anymore and the champagne was drunk with the first of many. Walk to the bed and look at the books again, no longer the heroes, now is telepathy – a new gift. Look at the bed ceiling again and you will hear Frank identifying himself with Mephisto.

Go up and revisit the mirror, pick up the key and hear about Evil. Look again at the prize and pick it up. Look again at the parent's photo and the disappointment is even bigger. Look again at the pictures of women above the work table to hear them seduced and crazy about it. Open the small cabinet and pick up magnifying glass and slides. Open the small box again and look at the letters, you will find the same bad review, a letter rejecting his book and describing is empty life and a letter from a Telepathy Institute refusing to acknowledge is gift. Resuming, as a seducer he was frustrated, as an author he could not publish his book and as a mind reader he had no scientific credit.

Put the slides on the table under the stairs, turn on the light and look at them with the magnifying glass. Now you have 3 references to the time 5:30 (the carpet at in the bedroom and 2 of the slides). Use the key on the clock, turn it to the 5:30 and watch it run counter clockwise back with a banging sound. Return to the bedroom and climb down the stairs into Frank's studio. Lift the second photo counting left from the stairs and pick up the 2 coloured lamps. Walk to the table, look at the photo and the camera – the first faceless and the second stating that Frank misses his soul. Look at the book and find the letter where Frank talks about loosing is talent and walking is own path whatever that means. Use the red bulb on the box above (in the wall to the right of the counter) and use Frank's prize in the table, turn on the light and read it to see Frank killing himself (or at least trying) and Mephisto saying he did good things.

Now you are surrounded by rail tracks, walk once to the right up to a door and walk to the left side of the door to open it. Look at the big device and open the small door on the left, pull the arm as far as you can to the left and watch the end of another chapter. Another piece of evidence is added to our pack – Frank's book.

Kalinka – Lust

Walk to the "stairs" and use Homunculus on the top of the stairs and climb them. In the garden, look at the plant to hear Hannibal proposing (or imposing?) marriage to Kalinka while she says her lover is not dead. Look at fountain, look at the handle and pick up nail, pull handle. Look to the stairs and pick up necklace.

Climb up the stairs on your left and look at the door (you have already seen part of this scene, with the jealous twins breaking the window because of Hannibal). Enter the house, look at the clipboard by the door (Kalinka is a costume maker), open the drawer on the cabinet behind you and get some objects. Walk to the end of the room, pick up a piece of black leather and another of hard leather, use the hard leather on the cutting machine and the black leather on the wood machine (you will have part of Frank's mask), use the leather, the grid and the shoelaces on the sewing machine – you will have a mask, not yet complete.

Go around the counter and walk behind it, look at note and papers on counter – Theo visited Kalinka to make some repairs and you have got the instructions to complete the mask. Enter the bathroom and pick up gauze and soft tissue. Walk up the stairs and enter Kalinka's bedroom, look at the box on the nightstand and pick up her jade amulet (you will hear about her missing Russia and someone else). Walk to the next division and look at the machine to hear her arranging an appointment with someone and saying something about a made key for the glass house and pick up a small purple package that is in the tissue on the machine, open it and get a silver moon.

Get downstairs again and walk into the next corridor, to see Theo and some mechanical dummies that look just like the people in the park, look at each dummy to hear about their relationship with Kalinka – there is an extra place for another statue and a small bathroom in the end of the corridor. Get back to the first room and by the cabinet there is a blue curtain that leads to the kitchen. Open the cabinet door and pick up some flour, use the mask and the gauze in the moulding machine.

Get outside the house and look at the mailbox, pick up peacock feather and walk to the fountain, use the flour in the water until you can clearly see 4 signs symbols on it. You may need to empty some water by moving the man's head, but do not worry, you will have plenty of flour to play around.

Return to the kitchen and look at the clock, use the silver moon in the missing spot and enter the glass house where you can hear Theo talking with Mephisto and this last is saying something about a key for time travelling... and plants from different seasons.

At the table filled with plants, pick up a leave for your box. Use the symbols at the other table and collect a plant for each season – you have the Spring, in the Summer Kalinka is pregnant, in the Autumn Kalinka is talking to the father of the child (Frank who apparently is a monster, probably disfigured by the fire) - he will be unknown to all, in the Winter she has a baby boy named Alexi. Return to the kitchen and look at tubes, remove cork and put plants inside the bowl, use the matches under the bowl and fill a flask – if necessary use the matches twice. Use the herbal mixture in the mask (on the machine next to you in the counter, as described above – mask, gauze, herbal mixture, soft tissue). Go to the statue's corridor and use completed mask on the first figure by the door – apparently she got married. Use peacock feather in twins to hear about their plan to accuse Kalinka, use leather strap in Hannibal's statue and find out that she refused his proposal and he destroyed her plants.

Walk upstairs to Kalinka's bedroom and on to the next room – use the matches on the candle below the castle to watch the dummy get out of it, pick up the ring in the angel's head and hear how that story ended.

You will find yourself in a library, climb the stairs and move right, touch the bookshelves on the left side of the ladder and arrange the books so the yellow words form a sentence like this: I Theodore lost hope in 1947 and signed a contract with Mephisto. They will appear both and send you to another chapter after a small conversation about the pact they signed.

Hannibal – Tirany

Back to the beginning, now you can only enter the tent – Hannibal's house. There is a cabinet on the entrance which you can open to reveal nothing - move ahead. Walk to the bed and move Hannibal's portrait to find a locked door. Look at the nightstand and move the wires to the top of the box. Turn the board in front of the bed to listen to Hannibal saying he was worshiped. Touch the roulette to discover he is working on something that will make him rich. Move ahead, open trunk and pick up handle. Look at the mirror and hear Hannibal stating he could sell his soul to get back at the freaks (the twins and the midget he was blackmailing). Look at the photos on the "walls" and hear stories about a girl he marked, about someone that fired him and about his parents to whom he needed to prove he was strong. Pick up the roulette and look at the flipchart and take note of what is in it. Put the disk in the roulette and position the roulette on the following numbers – red 19, blue 0, black 22, red 7, red 19 – after each number press the triangle. Look under the table, you will have to walk right to do so, and pick up whip and film. Open cabinet by the entrance and press the caps of the bottles in the same order as the roulette – red, blue, black, red, red. Pick up key and look bottles to see Hannibal talking to the midget and blackmailing him.

Pick up the rat on the bed and put it inside the wheel on the nightstand (by the right side), use the whip to make it keep moving. Use the key in the door behind Hannibal's portrait above the bed, use reel in machine and turn it on. Hope you like it because those were instructions to deal with tigers in an arena – one whip blow to make one go in random direction, and 2 blows to make 2 of them move.

Use the handle in gear behind the board (in front of the bed) and whip the photos – only the ones you saw in the mirror. One of the photos is not to be whipped.

You are back in the park – walk right and look at the horse, pick up ring. Enter the ticket booth and use ring on the 10000 volts. The door behind the horses will open and you can now enter. Look bones and you will discover that Jody killed one of his tigers by feeding it her sister and there he swore revenge. After a small conversation with Mephisto you face 2 tigers. Use the whip to get them together at the central podium – follow them down. Look at the round bones a bit above the rib and pick up the small piece of paper underneath it. Move ahead and have a puzzling conversation with Theo. Pick up ticket and walk in. Enter the door a bit upper than the others, pick up reel, use it in the machine and watch a strange sequence with tigers and mute movies. Leave the room to find out whatever your imagination can get out of Mephisto riddle.

Tod (the midget)

Punch the ball in the path twice and Homunculus will make fun of you. Use Homunculus in the ball and watch him open the midget's door for you. If you try to go for the door it will close again so the better thing to do is use the Homunculus on the door and then enter the house. Look poster to hear about Tod's parents who did not want a midget and his birth date: 1st November 1893. Open cabinet upper drawer and pick up medallion and the ring – you will hear something about a boy that should be thankful and help others and about Tod's Nanny that saved him from his parents and certain death. Open the other drawer and look newspaper – news about the alcohol prohibition that made Tod angry. Move on and look at the bathtub, use right faucet and see water, open left faucet and look at the drops – they are booze.

Look at toilet and hear Theo agreeing to make Tod's labels. Pick up wood log and look at the sign above the fireplace – use the ring. Touch the middle of the rear wheel of the bike an then ride it – it will open the bed where you can look at the book and the clothes and hear Tod thanking Kalinka for the clothes she made for his kids. Move the box and enter Tod's birth date (1-11-93) to find a secret passage.

Look tin to hear Tod explaining to the children how they do wine. Move to the tin, pick up log of wood if you do not have one yet, pick up bucket on the floor. Get a bottle, open the lower door of the furnace and put wood and newspaper on it, light a match. Turn around and pick up faucet from the first barrel on the right and then use on the one in the middle. Enter the passage and hear Mephisto and the conversation between Frank and Theo (I guess) about Tod exploring kids to make alcohol.

Pick up bat on your left and watch dish on the right to hear Tod talking to the kids. Enter the bathroom, look at the mirror to hear the same conversation, open medical cabinet and look at the red bottle to hear about Hannibal beating up a kid and Tod being protective. You can move the toilet doors but it will not do any good. Return to the room and look at the phone to hear Tod trying to buy Hannibal poker debts. Go back to the cellar and you will turn in to the midget. Back to your house and Mr. Nitty will be waiting for you – and he wants a drink. Return to the cellar and fill bucket with liquid from the barrel on the middle right. Use bucket in the furnace (if it is not yet lit, put wood and newspaper on the lower drawer and light a match), go back to the room and open left faucet in the tub, use empty bottle on the booze and fill the glass that is on the table – you are advised by someone up in heaven about how Mephisto deceived you into the game. Tod cares about the kids and he uses the booze to pay for their support. Play the game until you win – there is no trick in it, just keep the pairs and you will be fine. Tod gets the debts and finally he can scare Hannibal off, away from the kids.

Next scene is another wrap – Theodore appears and tells you he was going to close the freak show but they were good people trying to work. He was expecting someone (eventually you) and had a secret that kept him in the park.


Mephisto explains (to you or to God) that demons have hearts and suffer like the rest of mankind... where they have started. You are at Giselle's door. Look at the boards announcing the freaks and enter the bathtub area to hear what people said about Giselle. Look inside the tub and pick up the key. Open faucet and use key in the small door by the tub. Push wheel until the weight is 550 and you will use the tub as an elevator to the next room.

Open drawer and look at paper clip to hear how Giselle's family starved to death and she was sent to an orphanage. Look at pictures to know her father died listening to the radio and she worked in a bakery and got fired for eating the pastry. Look at the radio and tune it for the 3 marks (666, 1914 and internal), on the first you will hear how Giselle felt, on the second how her father tried to ask for help and on the third – leave it there – you will hear someone saying to Giselle he is working on the ink. Look doll and pick up key and you will hear Mephisto talking to Giselle who only wants to be with her parents. Pick up cubes and teddy bear, look bed and watch Giselle getting out of it. Look pillow and pick up spoon to hear Giselle talking about a dream in which she is with her parents again. Walk to the fridge and open fridge locker with key, open freezer and get piece of paper, look at the bottles on the fridge's door – that is a sequence for the cubes you already have – place the cubes under the bottles in the same order. Look at the compartment above the bottles and get chain. Use chain on the ring above the fridge.

Push the button by the stove and light a match, put frozen paper in the pot and watch it melt – read paper. "You" were here before and apparently you had not made a very good job helping Giselle, at least that is what Mephisto says.

Use teddy bear on the strange machinery and touch his back key to watch Giselle moving around and open a new door. You will see Frank transporting Giselle – just follow the rails, walk always to the right path and you will get to a room. Move the sketch with a face and open the turtle box to read about a masterpiece made by Frank and Giselle. Walk to the counter and touch box (something will hurt and Giselle does not care) and open middle drawer to pick up pieces of drawing. Look at the counter next to you and place the pieces of the sketch. Arrange the pieces in the following order: piece 1 top left, piece 5 top right, piece 2 middle left, piece 6 middle right, piece 4 down left, piece 3 down right. Giselle was made into the canvas of Frank's painting of a Sumerian goddess and preserved behind a glass in a museum, considered a masterpiece. And you were an angel that screwed up so you needed a chance to redeem yourself by saving their souls and so getting your wings back.

Pick up postcards in the booth and put them in the following order: Love Island, Great Inventor, Visit Us, Enchanted Island, Great Attractions, Bootlegging, Bath of Giselle and watch a scene where you discover you are Faust, Theodore's agreement was to win the success of the park in return for replacing Mephisto and you can choose the end for their story – use the pen on the paper to sign the selling and everyone looses or use the pen on the men to refuse signing you become a park manager and owner, Theo becomes Faust and is free.

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