Return to Zork

Posted by Ernest Petti.
First posted on 29 May 1998. Last updated on 11 August 2009.
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Return to Zork is the first game in the Zork series to be set entirely in a graphical world. As such the question that springs immediately to mind is whether or not the essence of the puzzles, dialogs, and humor that is characteristically Zorkian can survive the transfer to a graphical medium. Return to Zork succeeds as well as it can be expected from such a first attempt. While the game is not…

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I hope that return to zork comes out for windows xp, i'd love to play it again

Great Britain (UK) By padraig kelly • On 28 June 2008 • From n.ireland


For all you folkes,who want to enjoy this old Zork games,en lots of other pre-XP games:Microsoft offers a FREE (yes:FREE)emulator on his website called Virtual PC.At the moment I'm playing Zork Grand Inquisitor and it works like dream!Just install VirtualPC in Windows XP,and run it.Then,in Virtual PC you install W98,or W95,preferibly on its own partition(with lots of room for your old games as well),and start it.When you are in W98 you can install your Zork game,any other old game,and of course all kinds of other old software that only runs under this older systems.After exitting the game you can close W98,and you're back in Windows XP.Much better than Dosbox or any other emulater I've tried,and did not get to work! Greetings and have fun!!!

Netherlands By Henk Noordhuizen • On 10 January 2008 • From Bergen op Zoom-The Netherlands (Holland)

Very Good

I have gotten the game to work with dosbox, it is a great game, but all of a sudden it froze and continues to freeze, when I ask the mayor to read the joke book. I know I will need that but I can't figure out how to get around that, I have windows XP and dosbox 0.70 but .71 doesn't say it fixed my game, maybe I will try it but any help would be greatly appriciated

United States By Joe • On 31 July 2007 • From indianapolis,IN


To Ernest petti

If the mistake you are talking about in your review, that there is no work around for is the bonding plant dieing, if you pull the plant out instead of digging it up.
There is away to get a new one, the clue is in the mayors filing cabinet in the plants folder.

United States By murray • On 03 June 2007 • From Nelson, New Zealand


I have windows XP. I just downloading a dos emulator from the internet for the game to work. when I put the emulator on my system, it comes up DOS BOX. it works perfect now, no crashs. this should work if you have windows xp as the game needs dos to be able to work. it also worked on windows vista but the other zork games (nemesis & grand inquisitor) didnt work at all on vista (I sent that system back!!). once you load the dos emulator, I put a short cut on my desk top & then I loaded return to zork. this is how I loaded it:
yes to install project fi
used default directory
DONT launch from windows
yes to change settings now
choose creative labs blaster
choose: 220, 5, 1(enter after each)
creative labs sound blaster
(enter) for additional sys options
choose CD rom drive
NO to change settings now
view NO
(enter) back to windows 95

after that, click on dos emulator & I typed:
mount c c:\rtz-cd\
mount d d:\ (my cd rom drive)
rtz (the game should start)

United States By Nicole • On 20 April 2007 • From Adelanto, USA

Very Good

Yes Mark, go on? How DID you do it?

Mu stupid CDversion of RtZ just keeps crashing at one point... Anyway, I managed to complete it once, but my score was smthng like 200. Did u cheat somehow ;D ???

Finland By catter • On 12 April 2007 • From fin


My high score is 325 out of 225. Serious. Ya wanna know how I did it?

Australia By Mark • On 02 April 2007 • From T.I. Qld. Aus.

I loved the Zork games but have been able to play return to zork as my pc wont load it, this is very annoying. Any ideas why it does this?

Great Britain (UK) By viki • On 26 December 2006 • From Somewhere


I have done absoultely everything but made the invisibility potion. I have put the water from flood control dam 3 into the flask, but it wont let me combine it with the guano! help plz!

Australia By Tim • On 17 July 2006 • From Brisbane, Australia


I watched my brother play this game when I was real young and I recently found the the old cd for it. I really want to play it, but it seems my computer is too fast. The opening scene flies by and you can't hear any of the dialogue from the wizard guy. Is there anyway to fix this?

United States By Jack • On 01 July 2006 • From Athens
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