Return to Zork

Posted by Ernest Petti.
First posted on 29 May 1998. Last updated on 11 August 2009.
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Return to Zork is the first game in the Zork series to be set entirely in a graphical world. As such the question that springs immediately to mind is whether or not the essence of the puzzles, dialogs, and humor that is characteristically Zorkian can survive the transfer to a graphical medium. Return to Zork succeeds as well as it can be expected from such a first attempt. While the game is not…

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Can someone please help me, I've got the old cd rom of return to zork, but somehow i can't play it on my computer. Not in my windows 98 nor in the ms dos.
Anyone here who has the same problem? Help me, I want to play it!

Finland By Scamper • On 24 April 2006 • From Helsinki,Finland

I also panicked, felt stymied at the entrance to Chuckle's comedy club, and re-started RTZ from scratch after I had been wandering thru the GUE with a dead bonding plant.
Then after I finished the game, I experimented. It turned out, at least on the CD-ROM version, that I could eat or burn the dead plant, WANDER AROUND for about 20 moves, and then a new live bonding plant would appear at the base of the sign at the Mountain Pass. There were several other recovery factors in RTZ.
There was one linear puzzle with no recovery factor, though the error and consequence were much closer together. If I went down the Frigid River without the love note from Ben, I was permanently stuck in Witch Itah's hut. However, I would only have to restore to a recently saved game to recover, rather than re-starting the game.

By Steve E • On 27 April 2002 • From Somewhere

Fantastically helpful site - I was wrestling with Return to Zork, having loved playing the original text only Zork, and was so happy and relieved to find hints on completion. Other games sites seem to
regard Zork as too old fashioned, but I think it's witty and challenging. I like the attitude in your reviews, the way you make the distinction between adventure gaming and shoot em ups! I came to adventure
gaming very recently, and had avoided it before because I had assumed it would be all bloodshed and shooting - but was lucky enough to pick Legacy of Time, the Journeyman Project as my first venture into gaming.
I feel very much in sympathy with your site, and it will become a regular site for me.



By Caroline Gardiner • On 06 August 2000 • From London

I just purchased the Cd, my brother has this game and I really liked it. Although, I need some help with Return to Zork. I didn't know where else to write to. Please e-mail me if you can help.

Thank you so much

By Irene Morales • On 15 April 2000 • From Texas

To Phillip Jong:

Do you remember where the Dead end in Return to Zork is? You site is the first I have hear of this, and I have never been able to raise the bridge at the end of the game.


By s. Tyrrell • On 09 April 1999 • From Phila, PA
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