Escape from Monkey Island

Posted by Kamal Bhatt.
First posted on 10 January 2001. Last updated on 14 December 2009.
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The Monkey Island series is among the most renowned adventure game series ever created. This is despite some critics who argue that the games from this series have never been LucasArts' finest. With each sequel, more critics have also questioned its weaker and growingly incoherent plot. The fourth installment, ironically named Escape from Monkey Island, does not fair much better. In fact, this…

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The graphics where a major downgrade compared to the entire series. Going to 3D worked great in Grim fandango, but for this game it just did't work that well. It was perhaps not because it was in 3D, but that it lacked the quality and detail like the previous games. The style of the game was childish, sometimes way too brightly colorfull compared to previous versions of MI. It was not piraty enough and it made the experience a bit silly.

In this game the characters where clumpy and and the textures looked terrible. Some of the backgrounds were good, but the resolution was only 640x480 other games had come out earlier like half life had a much better resolution. The cover art looked like it was made by an amateur. On top of that the game contained a lot of bugs.

However the writing was good and the music was fair, but overall the game felt disappointing compared to the previous games.

Canada By Fikan • On 06 December 2012 • From Sandefjord


What i got, was unfortunately a german translation, which was UNPLAYABLE. Almost every joke was spoiled, the parts where guybrush should speak with his "seductive" voice are just spoken in normal voice... Oh god, haven't seen such a badly done dub in AGES!!! It killed all the rests of the good that it had.

If other language dubs were done just as badly, and it is next to impossible to get the original english version in many countries... then just no wonder they have low sales, and close down all the adventure business...

I just wonder why the heck, and at what point the whole thing started being flushed down the drain. All adventures canceled, instead more shooters and braindead starwars merchandise... One really starts to think this is a part of an evil plan to make players gradually more stupid. Gotta do an adventure game about it. :)

Germany By Ilya Minkov • On 27 January 2007 • From M√ľnchen, Germany


I cant understand the people who enjoy with Monkey3 and Monkey4. Very bad games compared with the first and second parts. Ron Gilbert and Tim Schafer among others, were the real creator of the serie, and that's is noted in Monkey 3 and Monkey4 where they didn't work.

Spain By Miguel • On 05 January 2007 • From Spain


The game looked pretty and the music was pleasant however the game didn't look piratey enough and the music was pretty boring. If this game was called "Tourist Tropical Island" it would have been proper.

The control was not comfortable. Clicking enter and up, down, left, right on the keyboard all the time is not very fun. It give very little sence of freedom. The things and characters you can interact with or look at are very few. Most characters in the games are pirates or tourist wandering around which you never can interact with what-so-ever.

The story was 2 (fair). How could an australian be the main villian (after LeChuck) when they didn't even had found the continent yet? Why not make it an austrian but keep the stupid accent and manerism? The story was forgetable and boring. Some rich guy wants to make the Carribean to a Tourist Paradise.

Why didn't LucasArts make "Tourist Tropical Island" and make a real Monkey Island also? With pirates instead of tourists, real buildings instead of the Smurf Houses and so on?

The game was just OK and I'm afraid it killed the Monkey Island serie.

Sweden By Captain Smirk • On 15 April 2006 • From Phat Island

Good be quite honest...for me the whole 3D graphic kinda a turn off for me. I like more when they use the 2D graphic with the beautiful animation (just like in Monkey Island 3).
As for the gameplay itself...well, it's still a good though...just a too short...really.
For me the longest one was Monkey Island 2...and i totally enjoy it!
Anyway, this game is still a great game! I love love love love love LOVE it! I just wish Lucasarts keep continuing the series...

Indonesia By Clio • On 06 April 2006 • From Jakarta, Indonesia

Very Good

All I'm saying is that monkey island1 was excellent, mi2 was excellent, mi3 was ok, mi4 was just fine.
I love all the stories, it's the graphics that have gone low.
point'n'click was much more working in my opinion.

I still do love MIs

Finland By Rat • On 31 March 2006 • From Helsinki, Finland

I agree with Monkey Island 4 review. I mean, come on, what is a pirate adventure when its chok full of happy, stupid tourists?Monkey Island 1 and 2 had the best stories and puzzles (except the weird ending at the end of MI2), MI3 was ok, but MI4, there were f*cking tourists all over, stupid people who thought Guybrush was some sort of child freindly entertainer, and murray was not that much demonic anymore. and in the begining, you had to go on a "dangerous quest" to speak to some lawyers and chase a no nosed bandit. Oh yeah, and the idea of monkey kombat changing with EVERY game is just stupid. That really got me p*ssed off!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry for babbling on and getting in a stress, i'm alot like that. I do think MI4 is a GREAT game but still, it should of been made alot more piraty. I hope these did not offend anyone,especially Lucasarts. Thanks 4 readin.

Great Britain (UK) By @$$ kicker • On 29 June 2004 • From Somewhere

Whhhoooooooooooohaaaaa .. M.I. is Worth every single millisecond "wasting" time with playing it!!!!!! Only in MI4 i'm missing the exclusive MUSICs in the background playing all the time (in the other parts it really hits the spot) and graphics seems sweet and lovely but a little BORING too, because it's not really NEW (like in the OTHER parts) same does the HANDLING of the game (they got away from POINTNCLICK .. BAD IDEA! it is possible to do an P'N'C-interface in 3D, too!!!)

So i awfully hope in MI5 everything will be allright with the stuff.

Germany By Ray G. Jones • On 05 June 2003 • From Somewhere

I dissagree. I thought that Escape From Monkey Island was actually really funny. It is a BIT harder, but aside from that, I enjoyed it a lot. But then again, perhaps I'm not the best person to give a reccomendation, as the first two games are not sold anywhere anymore, and I have'nt had the chance to play them. Anyway, I would simply like to put my oppinion in, saying that as far as Monkey Island games go that I'VE seen, it wasn't as bad, as I read in the reviews.

By Jenna Baum • On 15 August 2002 • From Paauilo,

esacpe from monkey island might not be the pinnacle of lucas's achievements, but it is still a worthwhile and entertaining adventure game. definitley recommended

By nicole • On 23 May 2002 • From williamsburg, va
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