Escape from Monkey Island

Posted by Kamal Bhatt.
First posted on 10 January 2001. Last updated on 14 December 2009.
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The Monkey Island series is among the most renowned adventure game series ever created. This is despite some critics who argue that the games from this series have never been LucasArts' finest. With each sequel, more critics have also questioned its weaker and growingly incoherent plot. The fourth installment, ironically named Escape from Monkey Island, does not fair much better. In fact, this…

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The game does not have a sense of finality. Guybrush is quoted as saying "I have a five game deal with LucasArts".

By Anonymous • On 11 January 2001 • From Nevada

Now I'm going to say this short. I've been a fan since MI1 to still MI4. This review you have written must've been set up in a terribly bad mood. How could you have casted such a negative opinion on this monkey island game?! Yes the story relives on its past ways of presentation (but thats the series style!). And if it wouldve come out with differently jokes you wouldve said: "but it doesnt have that mi1-2 style humour"!. The story is the best of all so far with a lot of surprises! Graphical improvement to CMI and the sounds are perfect too. Only negative points are the buggy occasions on a few points of the game. Except for that a perfect mi game that keeps the jolly roger up high! One more thing, if you are an adventure website and support adventures (including lecs) and want lec to create more adventure games instead of starwars stuff you should take notice NOT to put up a simular bashfull nonsense review. Your opnion? Fine but can have a bad opinion on the game but this!? Its truely tearfull. Thinking im exaggerating? Well im taking the exact opposite EXTREME as you are with the review. There, now youve done it I spent another 2 cents that couldve been saved up for buying my next MONKEY ISLAND game. Cheers..

By QueZTone • On 11 January 2001 • From The Netherlands

Your Escape from Monkey Island review seems bizarre to say the least. It's hard to argue with it on any grounds other than the subjective, but the clear majority opinion, having read many reviews of the game, is that it's a definite step back in the right direction. (For a start, your reviewer should at least have been able to work out that the portrayal of Ozzie Mandrill is entirely sarcastic, and is meant to be a piss-take of the way Australians are often portrayed in media/games). Your review also pays far too little attention to EfMI's many good points - its wonderful graphics, excellent voice acting, cunningly-constructed puzzles (a welcome death for try-everything-on-everything-else style puzzle-solving) and most importantly its length, a problem with far too many of the few adventures we manage to get released these days. Perhaps a second look is in order...

By AdamW • On 11 January 2001 • From England
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