Escape from Monkey Island

Posted by Kamal Bhatt.
First posted on 10 January 2001. Last updated on 14 December 2009.
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The Monkey Island series is among the most renowned adventure game series ever created. This is despite some critics who argue that the games from this series have never been LucasArts' finest. With each sequel, more critics have also questioned its weaker and growingly incoherent plot. The fourth installment, ironically named Escape from Monkey Island, does not fair much better. In fact, this…

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Previous Comments

Stop whining: this game has great humour, fantastic puzzles and super characters. Make a game yourself, and see if you can match the MI series. I love every part of the MI series, and I hop LA will move on to MI5: Return to Monkey Island...

By erik willems • On 06 March 2002 • From Netherlands

Your reviewer of Escape From Monkey Island seems to forget that the entire series of games is based on heavy helpings of cheese and cliche's, yet seems to consider this it's downfall. Siting such instances as Murray coming off as just cheesy. Murray was ALWAYS cheesy, and cliche. It seems more like the reviewer is bitter about something done to the game than the quality of the game itself.

By Evil Bob • On 19 January 2002 • From Somewhere

I don't understand what you find so wrong with the Monkey Island 4 game. It was not as good as the third game, but definitely still a good game overall. The humor was not as the good as the previous, but the characters and story were still interesting. Also the graphics were outstanding. And I don't agree that this game has run out of ideas. There are plenty more avenues to explore and i hope they make a sequel

By nike • On 08 December 2001 • From NY, USA

whoever wrote this review you must be blind.I predicted that before monkey island would come out that be say that the series is dying out and the games are just getting boring. Just like the police academy films as an example they started to get very tedious and stupid. Wake up man this game DOES NOT!follow that pattern. The characters are just as stupidly funny as they have ever been before. Guybrush is as loveable and stupid as in the previous games.The only reason that some people don't appreciate the puzzles is because that there to stupid to understand them.The musics great especialy the theme tune and the graphics are brilliant.In my book it should be considered as a lucasarts classic even though people tend to think otherwise

By nick smith • On 29 August 2001 • From Somewhere

Bollocks! Escape From Monkey Island is, dare I write it, laugh out loud funny. The author of this critique should be slapped for even suggesting that the Monkey Island Series has worn out it's welcome. With the demise of the Space Quest series, and the devolution of other Sierra Classics, the few remaining crazies at Lucasarts not pumping out Star Wars Pizzle are my only hope of salving my adventure jones.

By W in Funk • On 26 July 2001 • From Montreal/Canada

I am a 21 year old female and I LOVE all of the monkey island games!!! I disagree with the article I just read. Ever since I beat the last monkey island game to the series I have been checking every month to see when another will come out! I am, what you would say a DIE HARD fan of monkey island and I truly hope that lucas arts comes out with more games like it!!! Thanks for all those hours of great, enjoyable gameplay!!!

By Noelle • On 29 June 2001 • From USA

Well, I just installed Monkey Island 4. Played for 15 minutes and sure wish I could get my money back! The graphics are awful. Characters chunky. It never dawned on me when I bought it that it did not support a mouse. Using the keypad reminded me of several years ago when adventures were in the begining stages. What a disappointment! The third (Curse) in the series was better than 4. Going to uninstall. Not worth my time.

By Barb • On 07 May 2001 • From Springfield MO USA

UMM... no!
This is the best of all the monkey island games ever! Im sorry if you stupid canadians cant solve the puzzles and therefore give it a bad rating.

By Andrew • On 15 January 2001 • From USA

You really haven't got the idea of the monkey island games, have you?! Admittedly you have described the game very well but saying that it's just repetitive is absolutely stupid! Thats the idea of the game! Its supposed to be like that! Try reviewing these games when you've had a brain installed and you may realise that you got it all horribly wrong!

By Ian Brooks • On 14 January 2001 • From United Kingdom

You people are a bunch of bastards. Monkey island 4 is great just like all the other monkey island games. You should be ashamed to have written such crap about this game.

By Ace • On 13 January 2001 • From USA
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