Simon the Sorcerer

Posted by Zoltán Ormándi.
First posted on 12 September 1999. Last updated on 03 June 2010.
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Among mankind's oldest fantasies is a dream to live in a place where magic really does exist. It is a place where witches can fly with their brooms, where giants can live in peace with the people, and where wizards are as common as next door neighbors. It is a place where the battle between good and evil always ends triumphantly for the good side. Unfortunately, there is no way to experience…

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Previous Comments

Hi I'm desperate, yesterday I tried to install the first Simon the sorcerer episode english ver., but unfortunately the 2nd floppy does not work! Has someone here the contents of the second floppy? :(

France By Mark • On 09 June 2011 • From Italy


A wonderful game. The graphical backgrounds are great, and the voice acting by Chris Barrie is top notch. Many people dismiss it in favour of Monkey Island, but I think Simon is overall the better game. The story is long (Monkey is completed in about 45 minutes), there are actually puzzles (Monkey has very easy puzzles), and the voices really add to the great British humour!

Great Britain (UK) By Matthew • On 15 May 2010 • From UK


Looking forward to Simon 4.

This first one in the series hooked me.
Although the awful graphics in Simon 3D gave me apoplexy -the game play is great.

Get ALL of the Simon series - play them in sequence - and suffer a pleasure overload....

Great Britain (UK) By Grumbleguts • On 27 February 2007 • From Scotland


Go and buy this game you tightfisted idiots instead of whining for download links, you can get it for cheap from adventuresoft themselves (so cheap its not even funny) if you can actually be bothered to get off your arse and look.

Europe By Goomba • On 03 February 2007 • From uk

Very Good

i want this game desperatly plz can i ave it

Europe By aaron • On 23 November 2006 • From uk


Just one of the greatest Adventures of all Time... but the Second Part (Simon The Sorcerer 2: The Wizard The Lion, The Wizard And Teh Wardrobe) es even better!

Switzerland By dave • On 16 March 2006 • From Luzern, Switzerland


I absolutely love Simon! I am now playing the Puzzle Pack and am struggling to complete the mazes with Swampy. Are there any hints or walkthroughs for the Puzzle Pack??

United States By Cajana • On 07 March 2006 • From Somewhere

The version of simon the sorcerer i own has speaking characters, with simon himself being voiceds wonderfly by none other than actor Chris Barrie (Red Dwarf's 'Arnold J. Rimmer')

Great Britain (UK) By Matt • On 03 February 2005 • From Somewhere

it wont load on windows xp and my wife is suicidal
im having a dogs life here please advise i need simon the sorcerer to work on my new pc

Great Britain (UK) By jabs • On 20 September 2004 • From atherton, manchester uk

Sorry. Can i find a site for Dowload this game?

Germany By Robert Schulze • On 30 August 2003 • From Somewhere
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