Simon the Sorcerer

Posted by Zoltán Ormándi.
First posted on 12 September 1999. Last updated on 03 June 2010.
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Among mankind's oldest fantasies is a dream to live in a place where magic really does exist. It is a place where witches can fly with their brooms, where giants can live in peace with the people, and where wizards are as common as next door neighbors. It is a place where the battle between good and evil always ends triumphantly for the good side. Unfortunately, there is no way to experience…

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Simon the Sorcerer 1+2
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Great Britain (UK) By Ryan Woods` • On 17 May 2003 • From Llanelli-Wales

just want to say that when I first played simon the sorcerer 1 in 93,I said that this is my favourite game.Now 9 yeras later it still is.i recommend it to all.
over and out
daniel dufo

By daniel dufo • On 26 October 2002 • From sthlm sweden

Where can I maybe download "simon the sorcerer"? Who knows that or has it : Please mail me under my E-mail adress!!!! It`s very important...

By Ashley • On 26 May 2002 • From Germany

Simon the Sorcerer was definitely the best of all time, considering its humour and ease of play. My son thought it was very funny and it was a a more gentle introduction into computer games instead of the usual blood and guts gory mess called ACTion.

By Susan Medina • On 03 February 2002 • From Chicago

My older children were totally enchanted by this game.So was I.

By Susan Medina • On 03 February 2002 • From Chicago

Simon the Sorcerer is a king amongst games, the gameplay and storyline is magic and the soundtrack is like a party in your ears(only with much less beer and vomiting teenagers). If it was an exam paper I would give it an A*, only it's not, so I give it a thums up. P.S. in the featured review on this site it says that one of the downers is that simon doesn't talk, if you buy the win 95/98 version for ?.99 from simon has 'magically' discovered his voice box.

By Richard Marles • On 23 November 2001 • From Sheffield/England

Yup, for me Simon 1 is THE best game I've ever played! And I play a lot.

By Dominus • On 25 September 2001 • From Romania

I just read the review of Simon the Sorcerer. While it may not beat Civilization and Frontier - Elite II in terms of game idea, it certainly has had the biggest impact on me. I agree with the review, the music and graphics really were and still are stunning. Some adventure games created today aren't even near the beatiful scenes in Simon the Sorcerer, although they are designed in a more advanced way.

Thank you for writing the review! It really made me remember all the hours I spent playing it. I'll just go and read the review of the sequel, which I'll be playing on my Amiga, as soon as it's ported.

Carl R

By Carl R • On 20 September 2000 • From Sweden
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