Star Trek: 25th Anniversary

Posted by Joseph Ornelas.
First posted on 23 December 1998. Last updated on 15 May 2011.
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Made to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the cult classic Star Trek, Star Trek: 25th Anniversary rings true to the original television series and pays it homage without being just another generic space adventure. In this game and its sequel Star Trek: Judgment Rites, Interplay Productions successfully recreates a world worthy to be in any Star Trek fan's fantasy by combining adventure elements…

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This game is a fantastic piece of memorabilia from my youth. I remember when this game came out circa 1991 when I lived in Albuquerque. Although it took me a few years to neat it (mainly because I did not have a star chart, I finally re-bought the game and beat it. The best parts of this game is the missile base and actually repairing a starship and defending it from elasi pirates. I mean you have to het the engines and shields back online. This is a great game that is only surpassed by its sequel, judgement rites. It's a must GTor any star trek fan especially with the release of star trek 2009.

United States By Cole • On 07 April 2011 • From usa


I love this game. This is probably one of the few Star Trek games out there that is actually worth playing (which is good, because I love Star Trek). The game is simple enough it pick up, but there is good variety of gameplay, with planet missions (using a simple but usable interface) and combat aboard the Enterprise (which I found enjoyable). The missions are classic Trek, and all the actors are here, giving their voices. You also get scores based off your performance, from bad to great, and each seperate score leades to a slightly different ending. I'd recommend this game to anyone, even if they're not Trekkies. I'd also recommend the sequel, Judgment Rites.

United States By Anonymous • On 22 July 2007 • From America

Very Good

This game was fun.. i always had trouble implementing the alien technology after i collect it...

it was alot of fun seeing mudd in this game...

difficult .... still a great game..

United States By bandersnatch • On 01 March 2007 • From Somewhere


This game is the devil. It has an annoying and difficult way of presenting itself to the gamer in order for the gamer to complete it, with their sanity intact, that being my sanity. The type of person needed to solve this game has to be a real abstract thinking m***erfu***r or it must be that or I have something seriously wrong with computer cause one thing i cannot do is use the USE icon to use items against and with eachother. It's an old game I know but I want ot finish it and the one problem ruines my progress and all the guides to this game are to brief and even less understandable than the game itself.

Australia By The Legacy of 86 • On 05 June 2006 • From Australia

this is a wonderful "Star Trek" site. I like how it is updated daily.
The gaming information is some of the best I've seen so far on the internet.
Stop by my site if you get a moment, and I'll return later to check out the rest!!!

By Brandon Hudson • On 21 August 1999 • From Lake Titicaca