The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 26 May 1996. Last updated on 13 August 2009.
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Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers is considered by many to be among the best animated graphic adventure games of all times. It is only natural for Sierra On-Line to capitalize on its success by making a sequel. With the advent of Full Motion Video in game design, many critics are complacent when it is learned that its sequel, The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery, has incorporated this…

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Beautiful game ..... Great story, excellent voice acting, creepy ambient and lots of historical facts make this game ONE OF A KIND !
The script is so good that I haven't realized who the villain is. Unbelievable ....

One of the greatest adventures EVER !

Germany By markegiani • On 08 February 2015 • From Novi Sad, Serbia

The game is fantastic. I have played it 15 times and never tire of it! I bought the collection Gabriel Knight Mysteries which includes Gabriel Knight 1 and 2, Jane Jensen's novel of the Sins of the Fathers, and a music soundtrack of all three games, but primarily the second. But if you play the soundtrack on your computer, you also get the graphic novel of the prologue of Sins of the Fathers that was packaged with the first game. A great addition to all Gabriel Knight fans everywhere!

United States By Patrick Talbot • On 23 June 2008 • From United States


Simply the best game ever made, followed by Gabriel Knight1 Sins of the fathers- Outstanding in every way!!!

Europe By Ingmar • On 10 January 2008 • From Germany


Love this game! The FMV format´s been hammered in reviews over the years but tjis is relly a terrific game with an excellent story!

Sweden By Kristian Waidele • On 14 August 2007 • From Göteborg, SWEDEN


This game is has an amazing story and also the music is funominal any1 know where i can get them
I only found 1 which was Beethoven - moonlight. thx for your help and support...

United Arab Emirates By Zues • On 04 June 2007 • From Somewhere

Very Good

Very enjoyable, although some photo"shopping" looked funny even those days... especially if you have seen the original places.

Even more funny is the German language, if you actually happen to know it yourself.

I remember, that in spite of all shortcomings, the game hade some highly emotional moments... Like that black screen, which said "he... ate him!" - that was the most scary moment i have ever experienced in a game, probably exactly because of its implicitness.

Germany By Ilya Minkov • On 27 January 2007 • From München, Germany


I was surprised that the actors of gk2 are so good, in phantasmagoria they were absolutely terrible!

Jane Jensen has really made good job with this game!
The plot is exciting but some germans' german is awful...

Finland By Ruster • On 03 June 2006 • From Helsinki, Finland

I agree with Mr. Murry that this part of the game is really "clickonmad", but this game is good, try it!

Iceland By Gudgeir Bjornsson • On 02 February 2004 • From Egilsstadir, Iceland

Hi there!
"Gabriel Knight 4ever" is online!
Visit it at, join the GK4 petition and look around!

By Der Weber • On 13 September 2002 • From Marbach/Germany


this is the first game after Phantasmagoria

Phantasmagoria was the first that why is was very easy

Gabriel on the other end had the death that I didn't saw in many adventure games

the plot is gr8.

but the dialogs are long and 2 often .

the most nice thing about this game that after you finishes it you feel you actually been in Germany .

eyal katz

By eyal katz • On 22 June 2002 • From israel
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