Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure

Posted by Philip Jong.
First posted on 20 May 2014. Last updated on 11 March 2015.
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Tesla Effect: A Tex Murphy Adventure is the sixth game in the Tex Murphy series created by Chris Jones and marks the return of this beloved series after a 16-year hiatus. Based on the novel Tex Murphy and the Tesla Effect penned by Aaron Conners, the game's story picks up after the cliffhanger ending in Tex Murphy: Overseer but quickly pivots to an original mystery involving an ancient cult and…

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Perfect review. You hit all of the right points. But don't be so overcritical. The game absolutely satisfies all fans of Tex Murphy who have been yearning for another one, and it has been so long waiting.

United States By John • On 25 December 2014 • From Somewhere