Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Posted by Scott Bruner.
First posted on 01 January 2015. Last updated on 01 January 2015.
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Fantasy worlds are a common landscape in computer games, and the adventure genre provides playgrounds full of heroic knights, villainous monsters, magic spells, and dark dungeons. From the classic King's Quest to the more contemporary The Dark Eye series, the realms of the fantastic have been a favorite of adventure game designers. Rarely, however, has a game provided a fantasy landscape as…

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A great review Scott. I have seen the game played through YouTube as I cannot play the game myself without having a controller. I dearly would have loved to play this game but your review brought out some of the more poignant moments of the plot. The graphics are brilliant to say the least. I would certainly endorse your views to any gamer who has a controller to play the game with. Thanks again Scott for your review.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 11 January 2015 • From Australia