King's Quest VII: The Priceless Rant

Posted by Matthew Murray.
First posted on 03 October 1998. Last updated on 26 July 2009.
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Sierra On-Line's King's Quest VII: The Princeless Bride hails the use of one icon, one button interface in attempt to sport a new level of intuitive gameplay. While this design philosophy is certainly, in part, influenced by marketing forces to lure in new adventure fans as well as parents searching for family oriented entertainment software, it also hails a potentially dangerous trend of flash…

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Very Good

I agree completely, the fall of adventure gaming coincided with the dumbing down of adventure gaming...even as a 10 yr old I was disappointed I could no longer type in to the computer and think of new things to write.

United States By Jackson • On 28 March 2007 • From NJ

I liked what Matthew Murray wrote. I agree that most Adventure games don't have that magic like they use to. I remember all those LucasArts games and Sierra games that I all liked. Today, I feel like the only thing I can do is Dislike a game. The only good Adventure games that I have played recently was The Last Express and The Pandora Directive. It is so sad that such good games with that magic don't sell very well.

By Toony • On 25 August 1999 • From USA