Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall

Posted by Matt Barton.
First posted on 01 June 2013. Last updated on 21 November 2014.
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Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall is the 28th title in Her Interactive's popular and long-lived Nancy Drew series of first-person graphic adventure games. As fans of the series will note, previous games in the series tend to fall into one of the recurring themes: horror, science, history, or travel. Ghost of Thornton Hall is a nice fit with other games in the Nancy Drew series that also have a…

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One of the best ever

United States By Shirette • On 25 June 2013 • From Burlington, NJ USA


It's on the fountain. Thanks!

United States By Matt Barton • On 12 June 2013 • From United States

Loved the review.

But a question:
"Perhaps the toughest puzzle in the game is a Sudoku inspired puzzle involving magnets that must be placed on the board in a specific pattern. Solving this puzzle alone can take many hours."

I don't recall this puzzle.
Can you be more specific as to where it is?

United States By Linda Chung • On 12 June 2013 • From New York