The making and remaking of The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime

Posted by Peter Rootham-Smith.
First posted on 27 March 2013. Last updated on 27 March 2013.
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The original release of The Journeyman Project was put together by a group of friends and colleagues assembled by Michel Kripalani (cofounder of Presto Studios), some of whom knew each other since childhood. They worked unpaid on the game, living and working together in a residential house in a cul-de-sac. Many of them passed on traditionally paying day jobs. Everybody contributed to the project…

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Please support the Greenlight campaign to bring The Journeyman Project: Pegasus Prime to Steam, with support for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. (just Google the search terms "Pegasus Prime steam")

United States By The Journeyman Project • On 25 April 2014 • From San Diego, CA

Hello Thomas, if you're a PC user, we worked with GOG to have The Journeyman Project 2 and 3 updated to work on 64-bit Windows systems. We also released a Mac OS X DVD-ROM of The Journeyman Project 3 that was well received several years ago, though it no longer works on OS X versions after 10.7, due to Apple ending Rosetta support. If you're still on Mac OS X 10.6.8 or earlier, follow our official Facebook page for updates as we may have a short run of a few more Journeyman Project 3 DVD-ROMs pressed at about the same time as Pegasus Prime.

United States By Tommy Yune • On 17 April 2013 • From Los Angeles, CA

Very Good

What a fun and interesting article! I randomly happened to do a search for Journeyman after hearing an original DOOM soundtrack and reminiscing. And there's a brand new article about it???? Really? How cool... I'll have to check it out. I spent a whole night playing the original at work so many years ago. Myst was cool but it just didn't compare to the great story of Journeyman. Now if I can only find Bad Mojo.

United States By James Saxon • On 15 April 2013 • From Marina del Rey, CA

Very Good

Every few years since I could no longer load my original version of Journeyman 3; Legacy of Time, I've checked to see what progress was being made in its recreation in some format I could use.

I still cannot tell from what I've read that there is resolution to the problem of making the game live again.

I would appreciate being kept in the loop about successes in bringing back that marvelously creative video experience. I miss it!

United States By Thomas Condon • On 13 April 2013 • From Bellevue, Washington, USA