Louisiana Adventure

Posted by Mervyn Graham.
First posted on 01 January 2013. Last updated on 01 January 2013.
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Louisiana Adventure is a contemporary point-and-click adventure game from Austrian developer SilverPlay Entertainment. Originally titled Louisiana: Mystery Cases, the game was initially announced back in 2009 by developer Infinion Production. In 2011, the project was acquired by SilverPlay Entertainment and subsequently redesigned for release under the new title name.

Inspired supposedly by real…

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At least the german version of the game has been released by Koch Media in November 2012 and is available in german stores and nearly every online shop that sells german games.

United States By Michael • On 18 April 2013 • From Germany

Thank you for your comment on my Louisiana Adventure review. If you look at the box-art image in the review, it clearly shows the game packaged and labelled PC DVD. As to where the DVD version is available, that is a different question. if I can find a place to purchase the DVD version, I will let you know. In regards the rating I gave for the production of the game, it was only a 3 out of 5 which is good. Not excellent as you claimed I gave it which is a 5 out of 5. Some parts of the production were actually very good, while other parts were lower. Overall I gave it a 3 as I believe a 2 was too low. I hope I have satisfied your curiosity. Cheers.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 17 April 2013 • From Australia


Where did you get the idea that there is a DVD version of this game? It is only available as download.

Also, saying that the production values are excellent almost comes across as a joke. Just the voice acting alone reeks of amateurish.

Sweden By P.A. • On 16 April 2013 • From UK

Very Good

Thanks G.R. for your comment. At the time of writing the review, I felt it necessary to mention the Bug in the piano puzzle. I never revealed what the puzzle is or the solution. Since being published, SilverPlay was quick to act on the Bug and an effective patch has been provided. Enjoy the game if you get to play it.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 28 January 2013 • From Banora Point, Australia

Thanks for the review, Mervyn. I would have appreciated a spoiler warning (concerning the piano puzzle) but I otherwise appreciate the detailed review.

United States By G.R. • On 26 January 2013 • From St. Paul, Minnesota