Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device

Posted by Matt Barton.
First posted on 28 October 2012. Last updated on 21 November 2014.
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Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device is the 27th game in the venerable Nancy Drew series from Her Interactive, and it is the best game in the series yet. With a great story, inspired puzzles, and equally good artwork and sound, it is difficult to find fault with this gem. While some critics unfamiliar with the series may regard the Nancy Drew games as mostly "games for girls", the developer's claim…

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Very Good

It was a good game, but to say it is the best in the series is a definite stretch. I have played all 31 of them, plus the two Dossier games and I would not even rate this one in my top 10. The earlier ones were the best. Sure, they didn't have fancy graphics or fancy puzzles, but they had compelling mysteries to solve and made you feel like you were in the game. I seriously question your review and wonder if you have played them all as well? I will say this one is probably more favorable among males, as others are about fashion and cute girl stuff, like cell phone charms, etc. I can see why a male would think it was the best...

United States By GamerGirl • On 23 January 2015 • From America


Great review... I love Nancy Drew games, and I have played every single one of them, they are all amazing, but I have to say that The Deadly Device brought Nancy Drew series to a whole another level, with Its detailed graphics and design (just try to remember the graphics and the design of the first Nancy Drew game), with Its interesting characters and another great mystery, great soundtrack, amazing puzzles etc. This game really deserves those 5 stars it has.
Go, HerInteractive!!!

Once again, a great review....

France By Misha • On 03 February 2013 • From Bor, Serbia