Twinsen's Odyssey

Posted by José Dias.
First posted on 17 July 1998. Last updated on 15 June 2012.
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Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure is among the most original and intriguing adventure games ever released. After this astonishing success, Adeline Software can never just retire such loveable characters like Twinsen that have impassioned so many gamers. A sequel has to be produced! At the same time, there is a great responsibility in the developer to maintain the high quality of standards that the…

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I loved Relentless, and found Twinsen's Odyssey much better playeable. The review mentioned running back and forth between 2 distant locations to get one single item, and although this was the case in Relentless, Twinsen's Odyssey didn't have this as much. In fact, the game - in my opinion - was easier than Relentless. I finished it quicker anyway. I hope that they are going to make a sequal, but the puzzles may become a bit harder as far as I am concerned.

By Pieter Winter • On 15 January 2000 • From The Netherlands
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