Twinsen's Odyssey

Posted by José Dias.
First posted on 17 July 1998. Last updated on 15 June 2012.
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Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure is among the most original and intriguing adventure games ever released. After this astonishing success, Adeline Software can never just retire such loveable characters like Twinsen that have impassioned so many gamers. A sequel has to be produced! At the same time, there is a great responsibility in the developer to maintain the high quality of standards that the…

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LBA and LBA 2 have been the best gaming experiences of my life. It's a shame the studio is dead, and it's doubtful there will be a third, but the memories I have from these games are simply wonderful. I have never been as immersed in a game before or since.

Australia By Tom • On 09 August 2011 • From Melbourne, Australia

Try running the DOS version using the free DOSBox program.

Poland By Ascovel • On 13 March 2008 • From Warsaw


Twinsen one my favorite adventure game,I hope someone make a LBA3 for PS3 or PC XP or Vista. I can't run the game in my computer (XP) now,I have the original disk and a would like play me pls!!!

Mexico By Spaintyna • On 13 March 2008 • From Mexico


One of my all time favorites - replay it at leat once a year -hmm, its been awhile - think i'll have another go!

United States By Elli • On 02 October 2007 • From New York, USA

el primer posteo es de 1998, el segundo del 2007...

twinsen oddysey es una pasion!

Argentina By iop • On 10 September 2007 • From Somewhere


This was the one game in my childhood I have the best memories from. Never will one game take up that much of my time ever game. Everything was perfect when I played it; I had such a great time. It is of good length too, and I played through it numerous times because I loved it so much. Cannot give it enough credit!

Norway By Finn • On 31 July 2007 • From Trondheim, Norway


One of my all time favourites...

Australia By Psoma • On 23 May 2007 • From Melbourne, Australia

Very Good

I remember this game being very good indeed. I recently found my LBA2 disc and thought it'd be fun to play it again. I installed the disc and clicked play and the screen goes blank. Any suggestions as to how to resolve this issue?

United States By Jen • On 12 May 2007 • From Scotland


Oi mande esse jogo pra mim!

Brazil By Thales • On 11 April 2007 • From Somewhere


please tell me about link to download this game i wanna play very much. thanks

Thailand By demonbu • On 27 February 2007 • From thailand
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