Twinsen's Odyssey

Posted by José Dias.
First posted on 17 July 1998. Last updated on 15 June 2012.
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Relentless: Twinsen's Adventure is among the most original and intriguing adventure games ever released. After this astonishing success, Adeline Software can never just retire such loveable characters like Twinsen that have impassioned so many gamers. A sequel has to be produced! At the same time, there is a great responsibility in the developer to maintain the high quality of standards that the…

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How can I install my twinsen's Odyssey game in my new computer. it is not suporting the DirectX system, nor can be seen in MS-DOS... If somebody have a clue on how to do it I would really appreciate the Info. Thks. My computer operates w/ Windows XP

United States By Alephita • On 29 December 2006 • From FL, US


I really enjoyed playing both games. I spent alot of time in front of my computer. I hope that there will be a third adventure. I agree, life is lonesome without Twinsen.

Canada By Laurie • On 20 December 2006 • From Alberta, Canada


Help me u give games full Twinsen`s Odyssey (xp?/me/NT/98)

Romania By Nica Alexandru • On 05 September 2006 • From Romania

It was really great to play it.I was given the CD when I was seven years old and it took me long to solve the begining (find the light house keeper),then I tried again and again and finally I finished it all at ten years old.Now I'm sorry it's all over.Where can I find the first one?Juan from Argentina.november 2004.

Argentina By Juan Bauer • On 11 November 2004 • From Rufino-Sta.Fe-Argentina

I think that Twinsen's Odyssey is probably my favorite game and I think it is one of the best games ever.I think the audio has to be the game's best feature. The only problem is that i don't own the game myself i would like to know if anyone can tell me where I can buy the game.

By ray • On 04 July 2002 • From us

Looking for cheats on Twinsens's Odyssey. Could you please help. The walkthrough and solutions are a big help but need some more cheats.

By Barbara Jauch • On 05 May 2001 • From Bakersfield/USA

I don`t have nunmber 1 but i have lba 2 and that`s something i liked so much!!!!!

By Thor arne • On 28 April 2001 • From skien Norway

I can not wait to see LBA III, aaaahahahagaaghaghaghaghahahagagaggggga!

By Karl again • On 01 September 2000 • From Sweden

I agree!

By Karl • On 01 September 2000 • From Sweden

brilliant,addictive, when can we hope to see LBA3 life is lonely without Twinsun, by far the best game ever

By d watson • On 24 August 2000 • From newcastle/england
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