Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

Posted by Ernest Petti.
First posted on 12 June 1998. Last updated on 07 July 2010.
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The Quest for Glory series is among my favorite adventure game series ever. It combines the great fun and imagination of classic role-playing games with the skill and thinking of classic adventure games. This, plus the simple but enticing idea of becoming the hero of a town and rescuing it from evil, makes the game compelling. This fourth installment of the series, Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of…

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Why is Russian flag used for Serbia???

Russia By Bogdan • On 12 April 2013 • From Belgrade, Serbia

Very Good

Simply the best in the series. This review is wrong on so many points, it's not even worth mentioning them.

Haters gonna hate...

Russia By Bogdan • On 12 April 2013 • From Belgrade, Serbia


I had to give this game 5 stars even with all the bugs, because everything else was just outstanding. Very addicting game. The story and artwork were mysterious and engrossing, and it was very hard to tear myself away from the game. The voice acting was excellent, the characters had depth, and they were a bit old-fashioned too, which I liked. Loved exploring the rooms- loved the graphics. My favorite 'Quest for Glory' game. I also appreciate that the visual elements helped tell the story without too much dialogue to make the player antsy. I wish for more games like this!

United States By Natalie • On 15 June 2011 • From Somewhere


This game is an amazing game, it's my favourite game in the series. Although it indeed has some bugs, there are patches available online (easy to find), and I've managed to complete the game with no bugs throughout the use of said patches. Highly recommend Shadows of Darkness for anyone who is an adventure game fan, especially those who are a fan of the Q4G series. It's a very enjoyable game and you won't regret playing it.

Great Britain (UK) By Carys • On 15 June 2010 • From UK

This is a game you really have to work at to play, to patch your way around the glitches and backwards compatibility issues, but you'll be glad you did. It has an excellent story you discover through gradual revelations and a great sense of mystery to it.

United States By Mark Newheiser • On 16 December 2009 • From United States


Probably my favorite game ever, together with the first Quest for Glory, that is. I was ten years of age when this game was released and never have I been more scared while playing a video game! True classic game and series!

Germany By Max • On 27 June 2009 • From Munich, Germany

Hi Lina,

How did you managed to get through 47 and 52 error? I also have Dosbox, but it didnt help me. Could you write me exact commands how to do it, please?

Slovak Republic By Mia • On 02 January 2009 • From Slovakia


Classic game and series....if you liked this then you'll love W.O.W, but I wanted to comment on the swamp fatal error...

There were occasions when it would crash on me, but I seem to have found a temp. solution. Turn the movement, speed, etc down to the slowest it will go in-game. Also do not use the glide spell or whatever it was called. You can either jump from grass to grass or sneak if you have the ability. It doesn't always work, but I found a few tries it will. Also save your game prior to doing that on a seperate file to avoid the hassle of starting over.

United States By Mike • On 31 December 2008 • From Pa, USA


I played the window version and I got error 47 and 52. Dosbox helped me got past those bugs.

Viet Nam By lina • On 21 November 2008 • From Somewhere

There remains only one thing to do. You have to send your save game to someone who has the game fully working and ask him to get back from the swamp for you.

Poland By Igor Hardy • On 27 August 2008 • From Poland
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