Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness

Posted by Ernest Petti.
First posted on 12 June 1998. Last updated on 07 July 2010.
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The Quest for Glory series is among my favorite adventure game series ever. It combines the great fun and imagination of classic role-playing games with the skill and thinking of classic adventure games. This, plus the simple but enticing idea of becoming the hero of a town and rescuing it from evil, makes the game compelling. This fourth installment of the series, Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of…

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Previous Comments

i need your help!!! i have lost the mannual for the game and i have no way to get the poitions from Dr. Cranium !!!please help me!!

By mandy • On 27 October 2002 • From beamsville ont

I just read your review of Quest for Glory IV: Shadows of Darkness, and I totally agree. I too am an big fan of the series. I managed to finish every game except for Shadows of Darkness as the game continually crashes by the Mad Monks Tomb (where a ritual is hidden!). It really sucks! I have all 5 games and the fun thing about them was the fact that you could import you hero into the next game. This way it felt like your hero really had done all that. But my journey seems to end in Mordavia. I must tell you I was (am!) really frustrated by it back then. Besides al my complaints I do want to say to everyone out there that Quest for Glory rules!
And I have one question: How are you supposed to get maximum points in Quest for Glory 1? I think it is not possible! Can someone help me out?

By Remi • On 21 October 2001 • From the Netherlands

i totally agree with what you say about it seeming like sierra gave us the beta version! it hardcore sucks! im at the part with the chernovys and i cant get anywhere it sucks ass and sierra really let me down i need a patch! i have to finish this dawn game!

By adam • On 06 January 2000 • From Somewhere
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