Cursed Mountain

Posted by John Coxsey.
First posted on 07 June 2013. Last updated on 08 June 2013.
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A moody atmospheric survival horror game with slow controls but fast enemies is perhaps the simplest way to describe what Cursed Mountain is. Yet, to fully understand the experience that the game's creator is trying to deliver, you must be willing to look deeper into what is among the most unique horror stories to be ever put in an adventure game. Originally developed as an exclusive for the…

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Previous Comments

I enjoyed your review on this game John. I agree with all of your comments and ratings on the game. I started playing the game on a review basis, but when found the review was double allocated, I was taken off it and given another game to review. You have given due credit to the game and I am looking forward to reading other reviews by you. Keep up the good work.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 08 June 2013 • From Australia