Black Mirror III

Posted by Mervyn Graham.
First posted on 01 September 2011. Last updated on 01 September 2011.
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The game begins with a series of cinematic cut scenes. The first scene shows Darren Michaels / Adrian Gordon running through the forest carrying a torch. He arrives at Black Mirror Castle, only to see it entirely engulfed in fire. Upon asking for help from the police at the scene, he is instead arrested for the murder of Amanda Valley. The next scene shows a flashback 12 hours prior. Inspector…

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Hi, Valerie,
I doubt that there is a glitch which you mentioned. I have played the game 6 times and it ran smoothly each time. To complete the mini-game with the offering dish you must first locate 9 items. You have already got the first gold key and you have looked at the offering bowl, but of course nothing can happen yet as it is a weight related puzzle.
In the hieroglyphic room, collect: Arrowhead, Sign like a warrior shield, Sword, Fish jewellery, small boat and a map from a hole beside the right door leading to the catacombs.
In the catacombs, collect: Crown in room 5, Decorated bowl in room 3, and a staff in room 9.
Go back to the offering bowl and place the: Arrowhead, Fish jewellery, decorated Bowl and Staff in the dish. The weight of those 4 items activates the cut scene where the 6 capsules on the 6 chains align. Go to the far left capsule and get the other 5 gold keys. You can then unlock the door to continue your journey.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 26 February 2013 • From Banora Point, Australia


i think i found a huge glitch in this game, i came across your site while trying to figure out how to solve the problem i was having but i believe im just screwed :( in one of the last scenes ( after hours upon hours of progressive game play) youve titled it as the hierogyphics room in the catacombs. this room contains a mini game as well as 2 other doors to explore. i was able to complete the mini game before exploring the catacombs, which has left me unable to attain all 6 keys needed to progres any farther. since i cannot reaccess the minigame, i cannot get the keys needed to open the door?? is this possible??? i ha
ve done everything else and picked up all articles....could this big of a glitch exist??

United States By valerie • On 11 February 2013 • From montreal