Edna & Harvey: The Breakout

Posted by Steve Irvin.
First posted on 04 June 2011. Last updated on 18 January 2013.
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Edna & Harvey: The Breakout is a point-and-click adventure game from German developer Daedalic Entertainment. The game has already garnered significant acclaim in Europe under its original German title Edna Bricht Aus (released in 2008), before being ported for release in North America. The story revolves around Edna, a young lady trying to escape from an insane asylum while piecing together…

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“Furthermore, a particular tempomorph offers a chance (and the only chance) in the game to play as Harvey.”

What are you talking about? You can and have to play as Harvey in all the tempomorphs!

“Interestingly, a complete official walkthrough of the game is included on the game disc itself. The decision by the developer to include a walkthrough is perhaps a tip off that the developer knows in its heart how twisted or convoluted some of the game's puzzles are.”

This must be something limited to the US release, because I own the German and the UK release, neither of which contain a walkthrough.

United States By Tom S. Fox • On 08 September 2011 • From Somewhere