Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle

Posted by Yoav Ben-Raphael.
First posted on 21 April 1998. Last updated on 24 August 2009.
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Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle is the sequel to the classic adventure Maniac Mansion. Manic Mansion tells the tale of a mad doctor possessed by a meteor from outer space. The game combines cartoon like animations with humorous dialogs that poke fun of popular pop culture. This sequel is no exception.

While Purple Tentacle and Green Tentacle (creatures resembling octopus arms created by the…

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Previous Comments

I'm the purple tentacle,and I eat and wear panties

By Jace Thatcher • On 13 December 2002 • From Somewhere

where can i buy the game Day of the tentacle
i looked everywhere

By tentacle freak • On 29 November 2002 • From Somewhere

*purr* I tell you, Day of the Tentacle is the GREATEST of all games ever created! I used to have it when I was little, but my brother (who's in collage now) lost the disks. And since it came with the computer, we didn't think we could buy it anywhere. Now I'm ordering it off the internet.

By Katie • On 03 August 2002 • From Carol Stream, USA

maniacansion rules, day of the tentacle sux. tanks.

By tino • On 06 July 2002 • From livonia

In the review of "Day of the Tentacle" you wrote under 'lows'(!): "The only drawback is that some of the puzzles are illogical and hard to figure out."
Well, I can't say that this is wrong. BUT (c'mon, we all just knew there would be at least one, didn't we) I don't think it belongs under 'lows'.
The puzzles and riddles in the game aren't always ment to be logical and should never - or at least not all of them - be easy to solve. Take a look at the game's story: A pink tentacle gets arms, turns megalomaniac and decides to try and take over the world. And that's just the outline.
Now tell me: Looking at the story, it's heroes and villains and the whole thing... would you expect to get far or anywhere at all with things like 'logic' or 'simple, one-dimensional conclusions'? Not really, right? So I guess I'd rather say that what you are holding up as a flaw, something to object or ?as you called it ?a "down", is more of a special; like some sort of tempting challenge for all three, mind, patience and persistence.
Now, before I conclude this email, an apt quotation:
It does not take sharp eyes to see the sun and the moon;
nor does it take sharp ears to hear the thunderclap.
Wisdom is not obvious.
You must see the subtle and notice the hidden to be victorious.
Sun Tzu

Thanks for listening (ehm, reading, that is).

Dennis J. Guss

By Dennis J. Guss • On 30 May 2002 • From L.A., Germany

Can you e-mail me and say where i can download "day of the tentacle"?

By Niclas • On 13 January 2002 • From Sweden

day of the tentacle is the best game i wanna buy it. where can i get it?????

By Jordan Clarke (Furious) • On 13 November 2001 • From San Mateo

Man, I love this site so much. You have GREAT reviews on the greatest classic Lucasarets games like Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Alaintis. Man, you guys are the best keep it up. Be sure to visit my site also. Thanx.

By Sean • On 07 October 2001 • From San Diego


Who knows, where I can download "the day of the tentacel" free (german edition)? Please mail me!

By patrick • On 25 August 2001 • From germany

the only thing i do not like about the game ''day of the tenyacle'' i been playing this game for about a year and i can not seem to figer it out it sould come with hits how to bet the game

please can you help me by adding clues to the page
love desi
age 11

By desi • On 17 July 2001 • From pines , usa
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