Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle

Posted by Yoav Ben-Raphael.
First posted on 21 April 1998. Last updated on 24 August 2009.
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Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle is the sequel to the classic adventure Maniac Mansion. Manic Mansion tells the tale of a mad doctor possessed by a meteor from outer space. The game combines cartoon like animations with humorous dialogs that poke fun of popular pop culture. This sequel is no exception.

While Purple Tentacle and Green Tentacle (creatures resembling octopus arms created by the…

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Previous Comments

how do you bet it

By desiree • On 17 July 2001 • From pines

I think Maniac Mansion has been the best adventure game ever!

By Hans • On 05 June 2001 • From Germany

I play that game over and over and I never get tired of it. It's my favorite game. im talking about DAY OF THE TENTACLE.

By Cassandra Hatcher • On 26 March 2001 • From Canada,winnipeg

do you know where to download day of the tentacle no2

By stuart • On 10 March 2001 • From Somewhere

excuse me for my poor english. Could you lend me if you have the manual of "the day of the tentacle"? I have a big problem with the dr. Fred's battery I'd to repair. Thanks for all!

By anne • On 08 February 2001 • From spain

I love day of the tentacle, monkey island, kings quest 6, etc:

By Tony • On 19 October 2000 • From Miami

I need help. We got a copy of maniac mansion a long time ago. Now my kids want to play it. But the book is gone so we can't get the code to get past the safe door. Could you please help us out. Thank you. Tina M. Martinez

By Tina Martinez • On 26 September 2000 • From new mexico

the game is Day of the tentacle

By Ryan • On 04 July 2000 • From pittsburgh

i lost the manual to the game i was just wondering if someone could maybe send me the patent codes for it...thanks alot, my email is (thats a zero)

By Ryan • On 04 July 2000 • From pittsburgh

I want to by Day of the tentacle,but since it's such an old game,i cannot find it anywhere.The guys at electronic boutique have never even heard of it,lol..But,if anyone is selling it,i will buy it...Please make a reasonable offer.Thank you,....


By David • On 07 June 2000 • From florida
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