Posted by Jess Beebe.
First posted on 15 March 2012. Last updated on 15 March 2012.
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Waxworks, developed by Horror Soft, is a game that truly lives up to the developer's name. It is definitely not a diversion for the easily scared or the amateur gamer. It is chilling, disturbing, and at times alarmingly gruesome. It is also relentlessly difficult. Still, if you are courageous enough and are up for a real challenge, this game may be worth braving.

In Waxworks, you assume the role…

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Very Good

I remember playing this as a younger child back in the early 90s. The only waxwork I could complete was the churchgrounds/vampire one. Never got the hang of Jack The Ripper, Egypt or the Mineshaft.

Despite your complaining about the combat, I found it fairly inventive for its time. At least you could hack body-parts off with consistency. When it boils down to it, most RPG combat consists of just clicking on things so I'm impressed that Waxworks tried something a little different.

It is indeed a very tough game though. Thanks for the review and for stirring up some good memories.

Great Britain (UK) By Chris • On 25 March 2012 • From England