Lost Horizon

Posted by John Coxsey.
First posted on 28 October 2010. Last updated on 10 January 2011.
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Lost Horizon is a point-and-click adventure game that closely follows the style of past classics but still attempts to cast a new spin on the adventure genre. The game is developed by Animation Arts, best known as the developer of the Secret Files series.

In Lost Horizon, you take control of Fenton Paddock—a quirky, self-confident former British soldier who goes on a mission to rescue his…

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Great game.
Fenton is a very likeable character and the story stays interesting due to the many magnificent locations throughout the game.
I especially liked the part near the end where Richard and Fenton have to work together from different time periods to retrieve the amulet.
Perhaps not for those who like to solve really challenging puzzles but I enjoyed this game immensly from beginning to end.

Canada By Candy • On 28 December 2012 • From Belgium


Yeah, it's definitely one of the better post-Lucas Arts adventures I've played. The characters and the halfhearted love story are pretty worthless, but everything else is top notch. Beautiful visuals, decent story that takes you all across the globe, and absolutely outstanding puzzle design. It reminded me a lot of the classic Indiana Jones adventures and the first two Broken Sword games. I can only recommend it.

Germany By Rod • On 04 July 2011 • From Germany


Iam amazed why people havent commented on this game!! It was like a movie!!! BEYOND EXCELLENT!!!

Pakistan By Mishal • On 13 December 2010 • From Pakistan