The Secret of Monkey Island revisited

Posted by Mark Newheiser.
First posted on 07 May 2011. Last updated on 01 March 2013.
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The Secret of Monkey Island was originally released by Lucasfilm Games (now called LucasArts) in 1990, in a deliberate attempt to move adventure gaming away from relying solely on fantasy themes by embracing the world of piracy instead. The game's strong sense of humor and clever puzzle design helped to launch a series of sequels which would continue to this day (notably, Telltale Games' Tales…

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Very Good

It's a personal oppinion, but I also like the more realistic look of the original game rather than the cartoonish style in the remake.

Romania By Bob • On 10 May 2011 • From Romania

- The new look of Guybrush and Elaine is more cartoonish but aesthetically more pleasing.
- No, the old look is aesthetically more pleasing. In my opinion.

Great Britain (UK) By f • On 09 May 2011 • From Somewhere