Adam's Venture Episode 1: The Search for the Lost Garden

Posted by Patrick Talbot.
First posted on 12 November 2009. Last updated on 21 December 2012.
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Adventure games usually run in discrete themes. These themes range from science fiction to horror. The most popular themes are those that explore the darkness of evil. A theme that has not been explored as much is the virtue of good, often with a dose of religion blended in. Adam's Venture, an episodic adventure game series developed by Vertigo Games and published by Iceberg Interactive, takes a…

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I find it imossible to get all 3 braziers lit and access the missing disc. Tried loads of times - so near the end too! Grrrrrrrrrrr!! Any cheats or skips for this?

Great Britain (UK) By Bob • On 14 July 2014 • From UK

The snake speaks in a female voice because and Evelyn doesn't accompany Adam because Christians hate women.

Great Britain (UK) By Sarah • On 12 November 2009 • From London