Posted by Bruno de Figueiredo.
First posted on 18 September 2009. Last updated on 23 November 2013.
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In its original form, the Czech word "robota", later translated into the English word "robot", was first popularized by the author Karel Čapek—although invented by his brother Josef Čapek—in the 1921 science fiction play Rossum's Universal Robots. Since its early use in that visionary drama as a descriptive term for humanoid biomechanical machines forced to labor, the word has progressively…

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An excellent review. I enjoyed reading the background information. The game deserves to do very well and it does not need much insight to see that this game and the Amanita team will collect many awards.

Machinarium is not just another point and click game and those people who mistake it for such, and do not buy it, will be missing out on a special moment in gaming history.

If you have a penchant and a great respect for East European animation, especially during the time of the supremacy of the communist era, you will be delighted by this beautifully drawn and scored game.

Amanita Design deserve our support because they are Indie developers and they appear to have no interest in churning out the formulaic pap that passes for entertainment, elsewhere. Long may it continue because the price of entry is cheap.

Great Britain (UK) By jepho • On 10 October 2009 • From UK