The Curse of Monkey Island

Posted by Joonas Linkola.
First posted on 10 January 1998. Last updated on 14 December 2009.
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It has been a long 6 years since Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge has delighted legions of adventure gamers with its legendary mix of humor and devious puzzles. For many LucasArts fans, The Curse of Monkey Island is therefore a long overdue sequel. Yet, with the departure of creator Ron Gilbert, many fear that this sequel may not live up to the high expectations of the media and the fans. Fear…

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Eu tenho o jogo original até hoje, mas me falta a embalagem. Vocês nao teriam a embalagem para escanear?

United States By Willian • On 23 April 2013 • From Curitiba,Brazil


I have been a fan of all the monkey island games ever since they came out. Although the 4th game was a little different i still am inticapting a 5th monkey island to be created. just love the game so much. and if you have never expeirinced the thrill of a pixel colored game such as the first monkey island then u need to find it somewhere on the internet buy it and play it.

United States By Anthony • On 17 May 2007 • From US


No comment on this for 4 years? hahaha!
I mean, its only one of the best games ever.
first 2 were awesome, but out of the 4 currently out, this would sitll have to be my favourite, the 4th MI kinda bummed me out with the movement options, but otherwise was still an awesome game.

MI5 is expected for 2015, so this review may even get a comment that year after this one!

Howard Abrams said:
"ATI (makers of my 3D Experssion + PC2TV video card, and the computer company (ACER, Aspire model 2021 with Pentium 166 MgHz)"

Ah how the computers of 9 years ago were so bad :]

Richard said:
"Anyone know where to get Monkey Island 3? ( not on the internet )"

This is now really cheap for the quality of the game you're getting now, it costs a total of AU$9.95! But its still on the shelves constantly, so that can only be a good thing :D.

Nadja said:
"I have windows xp, could it be too fast for the game? Please help me, i’m so disappointed "

Ah Nadja, it can't get "too fast" to run the game, it'll just run the game at its maximum a hell of a lot easier, I mean, I'm running it on Windows Vista with 3.6GHz and 2GB RAM with a ATI Raedon X1600 Series, which runs it perfectly well with a whole load of CPU usage to set to be used on music :].

Ah that rig is gonna be crap by the time MI5 comes out.
I mean, Lucas Arts just said, "We will be revisiting the Monkey Island series, but we have other projects at the moment, but we're estimating it to come out around 2015"
There also HAS to be a 5th MI, because Guybrush even says ingame (cant remember exactly where, i think its Stan's crypt on Blood Island), that he cant die yet, he has to fulfill his FIVE GAME SERIES.

Ah well i think ive raved on long enough :]
May comment again in a few years if i feel up to it.

Australia By Nakid • On 16 May 2007 • From Gold Coast, Australia

I recently rented The Curse of Monkey Island, and i didn't have any problems installing it, but i can't play it! I have windows xp, could it be too fast for the game? Please help me, i'm so disappointed

Germany By Nadja • On 16 March 2003 • From Germany

I dissagree with T. Pleimert. I think this is one of the best ones. The humor is still there and still addresses the need for brains. There are MANY way's to fill in plot holes just like Mono Ultra. You just have to think it up! Example: Guybrush could have suffered amnesia and not know what he was doing, could have been a trick to give LeChuck some escape time (And possibly give Guybrush amnesia) OR many years could have passed and the events of MI and MI2 happened ALL over again but ended different. (Of course those are just examples, and this is coming from a guy who has only seen the ending of MI2). But these games are STILL Legends, like water is cold. All MI games follow along, 1-4. I'll shut up now, I'm done bitching.

-Squirelly Jo

By Squirelly Jo • On 02 May 2002 • From Canada!

Anyone know where to get Monkey Island 3? ( not on the internet )

By Richard • On 07 October 2001 • From Canada

Finally, a review that recognises how great CMI is! I love the Monkey Island series, and out of the four of them, the third is far and away my favourite. All the music and art is perfect, and there are TONS of easter eggs to discover. I don't think it matters that it repeats a lot of the old jokes and ideas, as it doesn't make a difference if you are new to the series, and makes more enjoyable in-jokes to recognise if you are fmiliar with the series. I was also glad to see evidence of the awards it has received, so now I can prove that it was the best ever!!!

By Jules • On 12 January 2001 • From England

The Monkey Island games are the best ever! I can't wait for the fourth installment.

By Michelle • On 11 October 1999 • From Illinois

I can't seem to run CMI. I've contacted Lucas Arts, ATI (makers of my 3D Experssion + PC2TV video card, and the computer company (ACER, Aspire model 2021 with Pentium 166 MgHz) without useful advice. Lucas Arts suggests its a DirectX compatability problem, but I have no trouble running other DirectX 5 games. I have updated all my drivers.
The problem is:
1. Game installs fine
2. I select which game to play, and the "CMI The monkeys are listening" comes up and plays fine.
3. As soon as the Lucas Arts Map appears, the system locks up.

Can you help? Thanks

By Howard Abrams • On 14 November 1998 • From Toronto, Canada