Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins

Posted by Paul Shaffer.
First posted on 03 January 1998. Last updated on 15 May 2014.
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Cryo Interactive Entertainment has been praised for the breathtaking graphics in its adventure games. Yet, such praise often cannot be said for the gameplay in these games. Dragon Lore: The Legend Begins, marks an early attempt by the developer to create a medieval fantasy that combines adventure with action and role-playing elements. While the game itself may represent a legendary beginning for…

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Please o download

Poland By Daniel • On 28 March 2010 • From Kraków


I have a problem, I´m using the DosBox 0.72, the game is runnig until the part of teh tower that you get a new magic and Diakanov’s blood. When I use the new spell the game freezes. Any one can help me? Thanks and sorry for my English...

Brazil By xingoaoi • On 08 February 2008 • From BR

Very Good

For those who try to run the game on newer machines:
the game uses XMS memory which is almost not used today by operating systems. I suggest using DOSBOX, but read the instructions there as you might need to tweak the sound options. Generally it works (at least on my Win XP).

Israel By Nir • On 07 July 2007 • From Israel

Very Good

I am trying to install the original Dragon Lore Disks using MS Vista.
It will not load.
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks Doug

United States By doug • On 03 June 2007 • From baltimore usa

Very Good

There should be install.exe file, it cannot run without it.
And check if this one file is not an zip archive or disk image

Europe By stone • On 09 August 2006 • From Cravov, Poland


I like this game and no even love this game.

United States By Tyler • On 07 August 2006 • From Boycville,Wiconsin

I bought this game at a yardsale today and i popped it into my CD Rom and it gives me one file... Dragon2 ... theres no .exe or anything... idk how to install this game please send me an email on how to do it

Canada By fr3ak • On 06 May 2006 • From Cyberweb

I just wanted to say that i think it is great people are talking about dragon lore. I am 11 and own the original version which wa created in "Copyright(c) 1994 Mindscape Internatational Ltd. Copyright (c) 1994 Cyro interactive Entertainment." And it is a fantastic game. You are Judged in it by the Dragon Knights and are able to use mana in the spell book. I think it is great but i have problems with the game. There are no sounds!! please get back to me on any info you have in order to fix this problem.

By Michael • On 19 May 2002 • From New York

This really isn't a comment, but more a begging for help letter.
I have been playing 'Dragon Lore : The Legend Begins', and I am having trouble.
I have been at this game forever as I have been playing it on and off. I am the end of the game now, but am having problems.
There is a part where you have to throw Diakanov's blood into the pentacle and the magician gives you a chalice that you must take out an amulet (power stone) from.
This might sound like a really stupid question, but how do you take the amulet out?
The thing is, is that after you get the chalice, the magician tells you to look inside.
But he keeps on talking and there is no way you can interrupt him to look into the chalice.
If you do not know the answer, could you please pass it on to someone who does. Thanks.
Apart from that, I think you've got a great site, and I will use it again.

By Kasia Antosiewicz • On 07 August 2000 • From Perth