Beyond The Journeyman Project: a conversation with Michel Kripalani, Tommy Yune, Roland Gustafsson

Posted by Peter Rootham-Smith.
First posted on 31 October 2009. Last updated on 31 December 2012.
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In the autumn of 1990, Michel Kripalani was inspired by Spaceship Warlock to start developing video games. Spaceship Warlock was a CD-ROM adventure game released by a small, garage band, game company called Reactor. At the time, Kripalani had already started a small client based multimedia production company with a colleague while attending the visual arts program at the University of California…

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Tell Michel Kripilani and all the Presto Studio that their games are fantastic and still till today I'm nostalgic about. I bougth the complete series twice in case one is broken, I'm still hopefull that you can make JMP 4.

United States By Joe Can • On 21 February 2011 • From miami florida