Broken Sword: The Shadows of the Templars

Posted by Joe Antol.
First posted on 24 November 1997. Last updated on 23 May 2014.
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The game designers and production specialists at Revolution Software must be congratulated for bringing us this title. Virgin Interactive Entertainment, the publisher of this game, always has a knack for knowing what "clicks" with a gamer. Be it the storyline, graphic presentation, or the game design, the company always succeeds in making all these elements fit together to produce a good gaming…

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And... damn... I just realised that I commented on this game seven years ago.

Wow... that's weird.

Great Britain (UK) By Andy Baxter • On 14 March 2013 • From Manchester


First played this game many years ago on the Playstation and I couldn't get into it at first (I thought it was going to be set entirely in France and, to be honest, the accents annoyed me) but I returned to it on the PC a few years later with a more open mind and found an excellent game - one of my personal, all-time favourites.

Have recently purchased the Complete Set Bundle (Broken Sword 1 - 4 included for a mere fiver!) and got to play the Director's Cut.

It still retains its charm and remains one of the best adventure games ever created.

The Director's Cut is perfect for those who have played it through before (it is slightly easier because hotspots are now highlighted which means you don't have to trawl the screen looking for a pixel!)

There's just something about Broken Sword that is hard to define but it is probably the characters.

By the end of the game, you feel that you and George have struck up something of a friendship.

A friendship that makes you want to accompany him on his next three adventures.

Great Britain (UK) By Andy Baxter • On 14 March 2013 • From Manchester, UK


Firstly,this game is a masterpiece,great in every aspect and a pioneer on hand drawn adventure games.My favourite game no doubt.I've played it over 8 times and researched most of it's historical references(since at the time I first played it I was at the last grade of elementary school).I would recommend it to anyone and especially to an adventure gamer.

Also the new director's cut is a must for those who've played the first installment of the BS series since it has additional story content that explains some point of the original story that were just mentioned so that the story can get coherent.But if anyone is to play Director's Cut I recommend Wii version or DS cause the PC is a port from the Wii and a bit of a sluggish attempt.Although it's mentioned as a remake it's not.It's basically the original minus some scenes with the addition of new content from Wii but the original content is not remade in any way.So the difference from the original is very easily spotted even to those that haven't played it,be it the graphics or the sound and voice acting.In the Wii version though it's not the same case.Everything is remade.

And to Luigi Sciambarella that commented on this earlier:
If you knew what you were talking about you'd know that this is not a Sierra game but Revolution Software.
Secondly,are you implying that because of the interface BS has,playing it doesn't use any imagination or creativity?If it is you really don't know what you are talking about.
Also imho adventures are best because of the laid back style that uses point and click and let's you enjoy every other aspect of a game that you wouldn't if the interface was a gamepad/keyboard+mouse which is basically an action game.When in point and click games you tend to sit back and relax,appreciate the backgrounds(sth that can't be done with 3D graphics) and the story as well as research in a way various things to find a solution to a puzzle.When I played Monkey Island 3 the feeling I got was that of a children's game with graphics that reminded me of a Bugs Bunny game for PS1.The interface didn't help shake that feeling either.In the end this is a matter of tastes but I'm willing to bet that most adventure gamers feel the same way.Adventure games became so loved for the point and click interface and the 2D/2.5D graphics apart from having great stories and puzzles.

France By Nikos • On 04 December 2010 • From Heraclion Greece


Without a doubt the best game iv ever played. I was addicted to this game when it first came out on the ps1, however I managed to misplace the game ( I think my cousin stole it :c )
I managed to replace it with the PC version and have been loving the Broken Sword series ever since. In my opinion the combination of the great story line, characters, puzzles and humour have made Broken Sword one of the best games ever made and I would recommend it to anyone with a love for adventure gaming. 10/10

Great Britain (UK) By Flea18 • On 28 June 2007 • From Scotland

Can I first say that the 'fire' picture on the review page is from the second Broken Sword game (smoking Mirror).

I cannot say much more positivity to the game that hasn't already been established.

I will say that, for the comment regarding Monkey Island, I cannot identify with the the series being 'better', which is the insinuation I get from the comment.

It's my belief that the original elements of Broken Sword is to create a believable world, richly detailed in both location and in characters, where the main emphasis is on the ambiguity of history and the enjoyment of immersion in foreign culture.

Monkey Island's enjoyment stems from a unique and witty world solely around the accomplishments of its protagonist. The game fixes on possible parody and role reversal of the typical generic structure of a pirate story.

Both games are terrific, and both are fine examples and a great influence to adventure games, both entertaining differenly.

I also do not agree with the statement regarding point and click interfaces. I don't think it's a matter of controlling a character freely being an evolution, but another possible way of playing. I think that developers should continue to decide which version of play provides the best gaming experience.

Europe By Stefan L • On 03 April 2007 • From England


I've got a dreadful problem with my BS1. Every time I try to go to the police post or Merlin's room through the window, the game just crashes. I've tried to play it through SCUMM, but then it crashes as Merlin enters his room when I'm innit.
Any similar problems? I've got a win98, so not too old. Plz, help!

Finland By og • On 22 December 2006 • From hki


All time classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Greece By sakis • On 21 December 2006 • From heraklion greece


all time classic!!!!!!!!!!my favourite adventure...

Greece By emmanouilidis thanos • On 15 September 2006 • From hellas


The game is so good!
I first played it when I was still in elementary school,
but I am not into it,
or I should say I didn't really understand what the story is all about then.
However, it's when I pick it up and play it again.
(It's 10 years later... LOL)
I become addictive to it.
Also, I have to say that the graphics is so great!!
even though it's the game made 10 years ago!
It really blew me away...
Strongly recommend to anyone who haven't got the chance to enjoy such a fine game!

Canada By Lance • On 21 April 2006 • From Canada


I first played this game not long after it was released on the Playstation and just couldn't get into it.

Last year (2005), I picked it up again on the PC and it all just "clicked" for me. I loved it. The locations, the voice-overs, the puzzles, the characters, the story. The whole thing just seemed better.

It is a beautiful game and one which deserves to be sampled by anyone who likes their grey matter tested.

Great Britain (UK) By Andy Baxter • On 23 March 2006 • From Manchester, UK
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