Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon

Posted by Mervyn Graham.
First posted on 11 October 2008. Last updated on 19 December 2013.
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Dracula lives again! Kheops Studio and Microids have joined effort to resurrect the character of Dracula created by Bram Stoker in 1897. The third title of the Dracula series follows Dracula: Resurrection (2000) and Dracula 2: The Last Sanctuary (2001). In Dracula 3: The Path of the Dragon, Dracula continues to wreak havoc in Transylvania. Finally, the original French release of the highly…

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I agree with the posters below-Dracula did look and act like a pirate-all he was missing was an eye patch, a peg leg, and the bird from Maria's room on his shoulder, and saying "Arrrgh!" This Dracula was pretty laughable. The puzzles especially the drawing of the symbols were ridiculous, hair pulling, and too time consuming. The creators used the puzzles as fillers to carry the game and it was just annoying.

Arno did everything and still died in the end and Dracula escapes. Arno may as well had become immortal if he was going to die anyway-have something to show for his hard work lol.

Though I enjoyed the graphics, the fog, and eerie presence of something jumping out at me, this is not one of my fav in the Dracula series and one I won't play again.

Canada By Gamer • On 29 November 2014 • From USA

Sorry to hear of you problems Alfie, with Dracula 3: Path of the Dragon. I played and reviewed the game without any problems whatsoever. I am also not aware of any buy-out problems with the company either.

I played the game as a download from a well known site. There are 3 sites I know of that that offer full downloads of the game (not in 3 parts like you mentioned). I am not permitted to name these sites, but if you use your search engine wisely, you should find at least 3 sites where the game can be downloaded from.

I hope you can get to play the game as it really is a good adventure game. There is also a very accurate walkthrough on this site for this game. Good luck Alfie.

Australia By Mervyn Graham • On 12 January 2012 • From Australia

Having read the reviews I really wanted to play this game. my journey to access it has not been a good one! Initially I had several unsuccessful attempts to download it from one site, managed to get a refund when they were convinced it was my computer (I knew it wasnt!). I then went to another site and despite thinking it was the whole game, it ended up being only Part 3, got another refund as they only had pt 2 and not pt 1. After some research, discovered that due to a company 'buy out' the game has been split into three seperate chapters since it was orignially released. Having this understanding, I then accessed another reputable game site and paid £19.00 for all three chapters. The game downloaded and plays very well. It is a joy, the characters, script, scenes etc however, imagine my total disappointment to have a game that has several of the games and clues missing! Of the games that are there they appear to be the 'junior' versions, some of the so called complex puzzles simply requiring one point and click to solve. There was simply no challenge involved. I followed this up by locating a walkthrough (or two) and established that some sections in my version were completely missing. In fact I was so disgruntled about this I copied the walkthrough and systematically highlighted in red, all those areas missing. I ended up with well over half of the walkthrough document highlighted in red! I have emailed the game site but I'm still waiting for a reply. I just dont have any idea what version of Dracula 3 this is...it is the same game on the surface but sadly I feel I have been ripped off and am glad to see the back of it!

Great Britain (UK) By Alfie • On 10 January 2012 • From UK


I have nearly no complaints about this game. The gameplay is absolutely flawless, the story is extremely well-written with clever puzzles interwoven expertly into the plot, and oh my God the graphics are beautiful.

My one complaint would probably be the short screentime of Dracula, and the fact that SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER Arno dies in the end. SPOILER OVER

Beautiful game. Strong story, perfect puzzles, great graphics, captivating characters, amazing animation, and marvelous music. Can't wait for the next one!

United States By Kaori • On 18 August 2010 • From Vancouver, Canada


This game is the biggest, most useless and un- enjoyable waste of my life ever. For a game called Dracula, Dracula isn't in it until the last five minutes and then he looks and acts like a pirate not Dracula. As a sequel this game doesn't even acknowledge its two predecessors. The puzzles are convoluted and rely to much on your knowledge of code breaking and ancient languages. So my comments would be: Don't waste your life playing this game.

United States By Ed Zeglen • On 03 May 2009 • From Schenectady, USA


Dracula the Last Sanctuary was published in 2000 not 2005

Romania By NEo • On 19 October 2008 • From Somewhere

Cool game, wish they would make a third person view like how Frogwares did. Can't play this first person view game.

Canada By April • On 12 October 2008 • From Toronto